Intel Mentions 10nm, Briefly

LAS VEGAS, NV – Today during a breakfast presentation at CES, Intel’s Gregory Bryant, SVP of the Client Computing Group, finally broke Intel’s silence on the state of their 10nm process. If you were looking for some spectacular news about the state of 10nm, this wasn’t it: Mr Bryant stated that Intel met its goal of shipping 10nm processors to customers in 2017 – though to whom isn’t being said – and that Intel is ready to ramp up production through 2018. This is a severely limited update, compared to showing off a device with a 10nm CPU back at CES last year at the main keynote – pushing this news to a side meeting on the show floor will cause further questions on the state of Intel’s 10nm xeon processor.

More information as it comes in. When we hit a WiFi spot, we will upload the full presentation video.

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