Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader 2015 are about to lose technical support

Recently, Adobe has been moving frequently. A few days ago, relevant news showed that Adobe officially released a statement saying that it would cancel technical support for Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader 2015 on April 7, 2020. As soon as this news came out, some Adobe users were worried.
It is understood that the implementation of this measure will mean that Adobe will completely revoke the technical support for the above two applications and derivative versions, including program updates and security updates. In other words, after April 7, 2020, Adobe will no longer issue security patches for Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader 2015, and all risks that may be involved in the use will be borne by the user himself.
A large number of users have stated that Adobe’s withdrawal of technical support measures will cause them to lose security during the use of Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader 2015. Adobe officials also responded to this, saying that users do not need to worry too much about this. Before the final deadline, they will also provide upgrade options for these two applications. Users can upgrade the original application to Adobeacrobat DC according to the relevant steps. And Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. At the same time, Adobe also pointed out that the upgraded version will be easier to use and more secure.

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