Why is the iOS system good? What’s good?

Easy to use and smooth experience? All say iOS is good, but that’s not the biggest advantage of iOS, and the biggest advantage of iOS is actually security.
Every iteration of the iOS version is updated, apple will further enhance the security of the iOS system to better protect privacy, in addition to the new features. Although there is no absolutely secure software in the world, Apple is definitely the most important to the privacy of users and the best technology company to do so far.
“Privacy is a fundamental right of everyone and a core of Apple,” Apple said. What can be shared and with whom it is up to you to decide? We design Apple products with the idea of protecting your privacy and giving you full control over your information. It’s not easy, but we believe it’s true innovation. 」
In the iOS 13 system, Apple’s privacy upgrades are primarily targeted at location services, through Apple logins and new find apps.
Location Services
On iOS 13 systems, when an app wants to get the user’s location information, the system pops a window alert and gives the user more choice, giving the user the option to “allow it only once”, which is useful for apps that only use it once or twice.
In addition, the system also occasionally through the pop-up window to remind the user which apps are frequently using location information, the user can be at any time according to their own circumstances in the settings to change the app’s positioning rights.
Sign in with Apple
“Sign in through Apple” is a new feature of the iOS 13 system that allows users to sign in to the app using their Apple ID.
This feature is somewhat like “login with WeChat” or “login with QQ” in a third-party sign-in, but “login through Apple” adds a number of security mechanisms to protect user privacy.
The entire verification process for “Sign in via Apple” is maintained locally, neither Apple nor a third party will obtain the user’s verification information, nor will the developer obtain the user’s real Apple ID, which Apple will hide and generate a virtual Apple ID.
At the same time, the system randomly generates a mail address, the developer can not get the real mail address of the associated user, the user can also turn off the app’s mail forwarding function at any time.http://www.energycomputernews.com/
“Login through Apple” is just a login credential, its role is only used to log in to the app account, the user’s real information is anonymous, the app developer can not track the user’s personal information.
Apple merges Find My iPhone and Find My Friends on iOS 13 for the new Find app, which can help you find your device even if it’s offline.
According to Apple’s official website, the new Find app can help you find a lost device by sending a Bluetooth signal, even if it’s offline.
Bluetooth signals can be detected by Apple devices of other users who are in use nearby, and they relay the detected device locations to iCloud so you can find your device in the Find app.
All of this device information is encrypted with end-to-end anonymity, and no one, including Apple, knows the identity of any reported device.
In the age of the mobile Internet, it has become very difficult to protect user privacy, but that’s why technology companies that choose to meet the challenge are more positive.

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