5G mobile chip “war” starts MediaTek Teana 800 layout mid-to-high-end

On the eve of the release of OPPO Reno3, MediaTek held a communication meeting to share with guests the current situation of 5G chips and the plan and layout of MediaTek in the 5G era.
At the event, MediaTek announced that in addition to the previously released Teana 1000 flagship 5G SoC, a new 5G chip, Teana 800, will be announced early next year to jointly form the Teana product line.
The Teana 800 series is mainly aimed at mid-to-high-end smartphones and directly targets the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 SoC. According to the plan, this chip will be released in the first quarter of 2020, and the second quarter of next year will see the launch of terminal phones equipped with Teana 800.
MediaTek announces Teana 800 series chip
Teana 800 layout mid-to-high-end
For details of this chip, MediaTek did not disclose too much. If it follows the previous routine, Teana 800 will be exposed, warmed up next year, and then released. Now MediaTek has given it a preview in advance.
The fierce competition for mobile chips in the 5G era is evident.
Earlier, Huawei launched the first integrated 5G SoC, the Kirin 990 5G, and it will soon be commercially available to mobile phone terminals; Qualcomm launched the two mobile platforms Snapdragon 865 and Snapdragon 765 at the Snapdragon Technology Summit at a stretch, with flagship and mid-to-high-end 5G mobile platform; Samsung has also come up with its own 5G SoC, and reached a cooperation with Vivo to export. This series of actions made MediaTek have to be more active on the 5G battlefield.
In fact, the Teana 800 has long been included in MediaTek’s plan, but this time it was just an appearance. Before the Teana 800, we also saw another Teana product, namely the Teana 1000L on the OPPO Reno3. From the information exposed earlier, the Teana 1000L has been adjusted on the basis of the previously released Teana 1000, more in line with the positioning of Reno3 mid-to-high-end mobile phones.
Dr. Li Yanji, Assistant Associate, MediaTek Wireless Communications Division
Regarding this Teana 1000L, Dr. Li Yanji, associate director of MediaTek Wireless Communications Division, said that it is not a custom product of MediaTek and OPPO, but just adjusted according to user needs to make it more consistent with the product positioning of terminal manufacturers. From this point of view, the Teana 1000L is more like the current MediaTek to complement mid-to-high-end mobile phones. In the future, the Teana 800 will continue to assume the task of downward expansion.
Positioning flagship Teana 1000
Speaking of the Teana 1000 SoC, MediaTek positioned it as the flagship 5G chip, which not only integrates the 5G baseband but also supports WiFi 6 and 5G dual-card dual standby. According to the official announcement of 510,000 AnTuTu running points stable 5G Flagship chip echelon. MediaTek has always emphasized the advantages of 5G integration solutions-better power consumption experience and saving mobile phone design space.
MediaTek believes that integrated 5G chips are an inevitable trend in the future, and Qualcomm may have their own considerations for not doing so. However, Dr. Li Yanji made an interesting point: can a chip without 5G baseband be considered a 5G SoC? He believes that the Snapdragon 865 chip with the Snapdragon X55 baseband can be called a 5G mobile platform, but as far as the Snapdragon 865 is called a 5G chip, it will feel uncomfortable. Because there is no 5G in the Snapdragon 865.
Regarding Apple’s lack of integrated chips in the 4G era, Dr. Li Yanji gave his personal opinion. As we all know, Apple does not have its own baseband chip. In the past, it has cooperated with Intel and Qualcomm. If it wants to do integrated SoC, it needs two assistants. In the future, if Apple has its own baseband, the chances of moving towards integration will be great.
Teana 1000 is very competitive in parameter configuration
As a 5G SoC, the Teana 1000 only supports 5G networks in the Sub-6GHz band and does not support millimeter waves. MediaTek believes that at this point in time, Sub-6GHz is the absolute mainstream. According to the official data of MediaTek, there are currently 56 operators supporting 5G in the world, of which only three are using millimeter waves, and these three also support Sub-6GHz. The millimeter-wave technology MediaTek also has reserves. In the future, the use of millimeter waves will be determined according to the network of the operator.
As for the issue that the Teana 1000 ISP only supports 80 million pixels, MediaTek’s explanation is that the current camera experience is not necessarily proportional to the number of pixels. At least for now, the difference between 100 million pixels and 64 million pixels is not large, or even better. MediaTek believes that at this point in time 80 million pixels are sufficient, and it will definitely advance in this area in the future to support higher pixels.
The battle for 5G chips has just begun
In fact, from the perspective of various parameters, MediaTek Teana 1000 is a very competitive 5G SoC. Although AnTuTu runs 510,000 points less than 560,000 points of Snapdragon 865, MediaTek believes that Teana 1000 and Snapdragon 865 are the only chips in the market with more than 500,000 points. The performance is not much difference between the two It is more important to see if high performance can control the fever.
After the performance and configuration have reached a new level, MediaTek has finally come up with its “flagship core” in the 5G era. However, they also face a problem on how to get rid of the inherent impression in the past and accept a new MediaTek technology.
Although the Teana 1000 series chip is positioned as the flagship, it debuted on mid-to-high-end mobile phones. Although the performance has the opportunity to suppress the opponent’s mid-to-high-end products, in the end, he failed to prove his strength in the flagship field at a stretch. In this regard, Li Yanji believes that, of course, high-end can highlight the brand strength, but after all, flagship users are limited. From another perspective, more users will use it on mid-to-high-end products and experience its benefits.
For MediaTek, the “war” of 5G chips for smartphones has just begun. Whether 5G can be used to win market share and word of mouth depends on the final performance of Teana. If you want to buy used iPhones, there are used iPhone 6s plus, used iPhone 8 plus, used iPhone Xs Max on sale in Energyitshop!

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