Analyst: apple’s electronic tracker was released in the spring but may go on sale in June

It’s said that apple’s electronic tracker is like this, it’s said that apple’s electronic tracker is like this, it’s the size of a coin
On February 19th morning news, long-term focus on apple products, an analyst at Guo Ming ð « “ creates (Mig Chi Kuo), according to the Shanghai ring xu electronics (Universal Scientific Industrial) will begin in 2020, the second to the third quarter for apple for the upcoming electronic tracking device
The device, which was rumored to be a coin-size pendant that could be attached to a key chain or schoolbag to remind users of the location of important items, began before the launch of the iPhone 11 series last September.
There have been many similar products before, but most of them connect to the phone via Bluetooth, alerting the user on the phone once the Bluetooth is out of range. The biggest difference is that apple has a built-in ultra-wideband chip that points to performance.
Apple’s electronic trackers are going to be integrated with the search that comes with iOS
Guo Ming ð « “ creates, said ring xu electronics will be the major suppliers of the future products, won about 60% Inside the electronic tracker is a tightly packed circuit board that may include an Apple-designed U1 chip for uwb support.
The iPhone 11 series already has a U1 uwb chip built in to support a faster and more accurate AirDrop, and many believe the U1 is much more than that. In the iOS 13 code, someone has found the code for a ‘tracker’ accessory.
Guo Ming qi creates The electronic tracker may be unveiled at apple’s event on Tuesday, March 31, but won’t go on sale until the second and third quarters.

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