Answer from Intel: The computer has expanded the memory, but it still keeps saying that there is not enough memory?

News on December 30 Today Intel China answered a computer memory problem that everyone may encounter. The computer expands the memory but always prompts that the memory is insufficient? What is going on?
According to Intel, this is most likely a code error in a program that caused the computer’s memory to overflow, and previously occupied memory could not be released. Users can enter the Windows Task Manager to see which program is taking up too much memory. Uninstall or update this program to a stable version.
If you are only using one program, the system prompts that the memory is insufficient, and other programs can run normally, then the possible reason is that the program file is damaged, which causes memory problems. However, Windows does not indicate exactly that the program is damaged, so please try to remove and reinstall the program, and then run the program again. If the system no longer prompts for insufficient memory, then the original program file is indeed damaged.
In addition to the above, it may be solved in the following scenarios:
Restart the computer
If you exit the program without restarting the computer, the program may not be able to return memory resources to the system. Restart your computer to free up system resources, then run the program again or perform an interrupted task.
Too many programs open
If there are too many programs running at the same time, there is not enough memory to run other programs. At this time, for multi-document interface (MD1) programs, such as Word, Excel, etc., please close all documents except the current document and exit the currently unused program, and then you may be able to continue to be interrupted due to “out of memory” Task.
Kill virus
System infection with computer viruses is also the culprit of insufficient memory. When the system encounters an “out of memory” error, please use the latest antivirus software to kill the virus, or after removing the computer virus, the “out of memory” problem is resolved.¬†used¬†iPhones

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