Apple patents car sideview mirror again, no blind spots for smart cars

According to foreign media reports, Apple is developing a patent entitled “System for Improving the Function of Side View Mirrors in Cars”, which can project an image of the area around the car’s blind spot onto the car’s windows, windshield or other displays . It is reported that this technology may also involve facial recognition technology.
In its patent background, Apple states that vehicles often include side-view mirrors to enhance the driver’s field of vision. These side-view mirrors complement the field of view by allowing the driver to observe the environment including the side and rear of the vehicle.
Previous reports have highlighted Apple’s interest in making smart cars. In April this year, the tech giant was said to be in talks with a company that develops sensor technology for autonomous vehicles. Apple’s self-driving car project, Project Titan, employs Google’s automotive team and former employees of Tesla.
Apple issued a statement in January this year, saying: “We have a personally talented team at Apple dedicated to the development of autonomous systems and related technologies. We still believe that there are huge opportunities for autonomous systems and that Apple has unique capabilities to contribute to it. , This is the most ambitious machine learning project ever. ”
Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted in a memo that Apple Cars could be launched in 2023. The self-driving car industry is growing rapidly. The 2018 HTF Market Intelligence Report predicts that the global self-driving car market may expand at a compound annual growth rate of 36%, and that by 2023, global revenue will exceed $ 173 billion.
Apple’s smart cars may come at a time when major players such as Tesla and Uber are stepping up their self-driving efforts. Tesla, which has self-driving capabilities in existing cars, promises to launch fully-autonomous vehicles as early as this year. Uber also acknowledges that it is developing an autonomous driving system that can use sensors to observe 360 ​​degrees around the car.used iPhone 6s plus

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