The screen occupies more than 100% of the foreigners draws the rendering of the Xiaomi surround screen according to the patent

Xiaomi launched the 5G era concept phone MIX Alpha in 2019, which uses a surround screen form factor.
In fact, Xiaomi’s exploration of screen shape does not stop there.
February 27 news, according to 91Mobile reports, Xiaomi has previously filed a patent that shows a screen form similar to MIX Alpha, with a screen ratio of more than 100%.
YouTube blogger @WaqarKhanHD created a rendering based on a patent submitted by Xiaomi.

As shown, the screen of this Xiaomi phone also extends to the back. However, it only extended a little to the back. The center of the back is a dual camera with a main camera of 108MP.
Compared with MIX Alpha, the back cover of this phone occupies most of the part, so the protection performance is higher than MIX Alpha.
It is worth noting that patents do not mean that there will be mass production of terminals.
In addition, 91Mobile also looks forward to the specifications of Xiaomi MIX 4. It may use a 2K display, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 flagship platform, the rear main camera may be 108MP, and support 5G.
The aircraft may be released in the second half of this year. used iPhone 6s plus

Hitman’s “Cloud Desktop” main camera exposure comes with extreme image stabilization

On February 24, 2020, Vivo officially announced that it will launch its new generation APEX concept machine, APEX 2020, on the 28th of this month. As the release date approaches, Vivo has also successively released a number of pre-heating concept posters through its official platform. Some of the details exposed have also caused everyone’s attention and curiosity.

Combined with the relevant news that has been announced so far, we can easily find that in addition to the continuous innovation and exploration of the integrated design of the previous two generations of APEX concept machines, the newly launched APEX 2020 will also focus on the development of imaging technology. Earlier, Ben Geskin, who broke the news, once shared an APEX 2020 rendering of the camera part marked “48MP GIMBAL CAMERA” on Twitter. However, in the latest pre-heating poster released today, a preview lens appeared to achieve more The icon of the angle rotation, and the words “Gimbal-stabilizing Camera-Super Stabilizing Micro-Head”. All these seem to confirm the predictions made by people in the circle that the APEX 2020 will be equipped with a “cloud desktop” camera.
As we all know, the PTZ is an external device commonly used in video shooting. The purpose is to stabilize the picture and output clearer and more stable content. If Vivo really successfully built the complex mechanical structure of the gimbal directly into the camera, it would be a revolutionary breakthrough and innovation in the form of the mobile phone camera. No wonder many people are lamenting that this time, Vivo is going to zoom in again!
In fact, the “cloud desktop” camera is not the first breakthrough in Vivo in the imaging field. As early as 2014, Vivo launched Xshot, the world’s first F1.8 large aperture optical image stabilization phone. This phone was the world’s first mobile phone with built-in hand/autofocus switching, AE lock, and other support for fast/slow motion.
Since then, the video has continued to increase its R & D investment in the field of photography. In 2017, it brought the industry-leading “backlight and clear” portrait shooting technology through X20 mobile phones. The X23 mobile phone that has been upgraded since then can output photos with rich light and dark details and natural tones in the ultra-high dynamic range of 12.3EV, reaching the highest level in the industry at that time.
In addition, Vivo also released the “TOF 3D Super Induction Technology” during the 2018 MWC in Shanghai, which provided unlimited possibilities for the future development of mobile imaging, human-computer interaction, and AR.
With the advent of the 5G era, network communication technology continues to progress and popularize, and the short video/vlog industry has achieved rapid development. “Recording life with video” has become the mainstream of people’s daily shooting. At this time Vivo launched a “cloud desktop” camera, which can be described as a “big move” released in conjunction with consumer trends. It is believed that this innovative form of the mobile phone camera will also continue to lead and promote the continuous evolution of the mobile phone industry in the field of “anti-shake”.
This “cloud desktop” camera has “multi-fragrant” in the end, what exactly is the form? What a powerful shooting effect and experience can be realized, I’m afraid we won’t see it until February 28! used iPhones

Samsung Phone Receives “1” Notification Foreign Media: Not a Test but a Data Leak

On the morning of February 25th, some Samsung users received a strange number “1” notifications on their smartphones last week. This notification comes from the “Find My Phone” app. According to foreign media AndroidAuthority news, this notification may be the result of Samsung’s data breach.
Some users receive strange notifications from Samsung
After the incident, Samsung publicly stated that this was also the result of “internal testing” and “has no effect on your device.” But today’s report overturns that claim. AndroidAuthority quoted a message from the foreign media The Register, the notification stemmed from a Samsung data leak, resulting in “a few users can access the details of other users.”
“This issue caused a small number of users to access the details of other users. When we realized this, we directly canceled the store login function on the website until the problem was resolved. We will contact the people affected by this issue to provide more More details. ”
Currently, some users who have received this notification have disabled the Find My Phone feature. This feature belongs to the system level, so it cannot be uninstalled, but it can be disabled so that the phone will not automatically locate. However, it is unclear whether disabling this feature will solve the problem.
Regarding this incident, we recommend that you change your Samsung account password whether or not you receive this strange notification.

Black shark 3 launches a new logo CEO: leading most flagships in three areas

On the night of February 23, black shark technology officially announced that the black shark brand has been fully upgraded with a new logo. There is no doubt that the next black shark 3 will be the first new machine with a brand new logo.
Black shark official said, the new logo from the shape and meaning of the interpretation of the concept of black shark, adhere to the s-shape and the design concept of two sharks, strengthen the shark fin and dynamic visual effect, so that the two sharks chasing form more obvious, highlight the toughness and competitiveness of the black shark, express the black shark from scratch creative spirit.
Today, black shark technology CEO Luo Yuzhou said in the preheating of black shark 3: black shark is the evolution of all flagship smartphones (including apple), a lot of people ask me, now many of the so-called performance flagships on the market to promote the super game ability, is it true or false? I just want to say that they don’t understand gaming users, and they don’t understand gaming phones. I dare say I’m way ahead of them in performance, battery life, and charging.
Combined with previous news, black shark 3 will be equipped with 5000mAh battery, support 65W flash charge, 38 minutes full, cycle life ≥800. In addition, the black shark 3 has a 120Hz display with a resolution of 2K+. More importantly, the black shark 3 offers a 2K 120Hz option that combines high resolution with a high refresh rate.
In terms of core configuration, black shark 3 will be equipped with the Qualcomm snapdragon 865 flagship platform and support SA and NSA dual-mode 5G, which is the first 5G mobile phone under the black shark. Not only that, black shark 3 is expected to carry LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.0 flash memory, support super fast charging. Specs like dual speakers, NFC, and WiFi 6 are expected to be standard. used iPhones

Morning Post: Realme X50 Pro 5G price exposed, Samsung 6nm chip mass production

The time has come to the end of February, but manufacturers have never stopped publishing new machines. Next week, manufacturers including iQOO and realme will hold new product launches, and we will also see a large number of brand new products. Recently, foreign media exposed the price of the realme X50 Pro 5G. The price of this phone may be as high as 5,000 yuan. In addition, Samsung 6nm and 7nm EUV chips are also in mass production. In the future, we are likely to see more flagship mobile phones equipped with Samsung chips. What other news is worth watching today? Take a look!
◎ Realme X50 Pro 5G price exposure exposed Snapdragon 865 flagship nearly 5,000 yuan?
Recently, according to a report cited by foreign media, the price of realme X50 Pro 5G in the Indian market may be as high as 50,000 rupees, or about RMB 4903. However, this price is not too surprising, after all, the realme X50 Pro 5G is equipped with the latest Snapdragon 865 mobile platform and X55 5G baseband. The slightly higher price is also acceptable.

Morning Post Review: Domestic Prices May Be Surprised
◎ Samsung 6nm and 7nm EUV chips are officially mass-produced. Exynos debuts again?
As we all know, Samsung has invested heavily in the chip field. At present, Samsung is also one of the few companies in the industry that can achieve self-sufficiency in chips. Recently, Samsung officially announced that its V1 production line in Hwaseong, South Korea has started mass production of 6nm and 7nm chips based on the EUV lithography process, and will deliver products in the first quarter.

Morning Post comment: In the future we are likely to see more flagship phones equipped with Samsung Exynos chips
◎ How much is the stock of the Red Devils 5G gaming phone? Ni Fei: Fully resumed manufacturing base
A lot of consumers are worried about the stock of the product. After all, many factories can only postpone the construction due to the epidemic. However, what Nubia President Ni Fei said on Weibo should make many players feel at ease. Ni Fei said that the Nubian manufacturing base has been fully resumed and everything is going smoothly. It seems that the stock of the Red Devils 5G gaming phone is still guaranteed.

Morning Post comment: Red Magic 5G gaming phone should be in stock
◎ Lu Weibing revealed that Redmi K30 Pro has powerful performance / flagship configuration / meticulous workmanship
Recently, Lu Weibing suddenly announced the news of Redmi’s next flagship model, K30 Pro, on Weibo. He said: starting today, I will fully prepare the K30 Pro. In addition to performance and powerful configuration, this flagship also has meticulous workmanship. As Xiaomi’s “friend”, the Redmi series has launched a number of excellent models, and the price / performance ratio is even more extreme. If you want to buy used iPhones, there are used iPhone 11 pro max, used iPhone 7, used iPhone 8 plus on sale in Energyitshop!

Huawei’s “Lin Rhino” processor applies for registered trademark: the application scenarios are quite extensive

According to the information of the Trademark Office of the State Intellectual Property Office, Huawei applied for the registration of the “Rhino Rhino Processor” trademark on September 24, 2019. The applicant is Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., and it is currently waiting for the actual examination. Considering that Huawei will hold a strategic conference and other news recently, people have to guess that this processor may appear together.

Judging from the contents of the published documents, the application scope of this Lingxi processor is very wide, not only limited to smartphones, but also face recognition devices; scales; weight scales; smartphones; large-screen LCD monitors; computer stylus pens; Wearable action trackers; network communication devices, etc.


From the name point of view, it is indeed a very Huawei style. Kirin processor and Hongmeng OS are full of Chinese style. Not only that, but Huawei has also registered a series of trademarks that contain the symbolic meaning of traditional Chinese culture, such as White Tiger, Hongyao, Xiong, Fire Dragon, and Zilong. From the currently known news, Huawei will unveil several new products at this strategic conference. The new generation of folding screen mobile phone Mate Xs is undoubtedly the highlight, and it is worth looking forward to! used iPhone xs max

Samsung zoom in! Snapdragon 865 + LPDDR5 + 120Hz, this is the Samsung King you want

Although Samsung is on the verge of exiting in the domestic market, with only 1% of market share remaining, compared to a few years ago, it is completely heaven and earth, and domestic consumers are not too cold with Samsung ’s mobile phones, but despite this, Samsung still firmly occupies the throne of the world’s number one mobile phone manufacturer with its strong strength. Waterloo in the Chinese market, at least from the current point of view, has not caused a fatal impact on Samsung. Samsung ’s flagship S series and Note series are still the emperor level in the Android camp. In overseas markets, sales are still very good, and they are still the best flagships in the Android camp. But there are also many people who say that the upgrade of Samsung’s flagship machine is squeeze toothpaste. Like the iPhone, the annual upgrade is a regular upgrade. There is no bright spot. In fact, this is no wonder Samsung. In mobile marketing, Samsung is indeed not as good as many domestic Mobile phone manufacturers will make selling points, but Samsung ’s flagship mobile phones, in fact, should have some configurations, but it is not too much publicity.
But this year, Samsung changed its mind, and Samsung is no longer low-key. The Samsung S20 Ultra, a mobile phone with a full stack of materials, launched on February 12th, can be said to be very contrarian, and the 100-magnified publicity gimmick is enough. Yes, the Samsung S20 Ultra configuration has reached the top level in all aspects. There are no shortcomings. Even in China, Samsung ’s heat has gradually picked up.
The screen of this Samsung S20 Ultra phone is the largest in the Samsung S20 series. The screen size has reached 6.9 inches. The screen design is dug. The front camera has a hole in the middle of the top of the screen. The hole is also very small. For daily operation The effect of use is small. The screen of Samsung S20 Ultra is still top-level, after all, Samsung is the top screen supplier in the industry. The Samsung S20 Ultra’s screen supports a 120HZ refresh rate, and the AMOLED screen experience is very smooth. The Samsung S20 Ultra has a screen resolution of up to 2K, and the display effect is very good. It is a professional-grade screen. However, the Samsung S20 Ultra’s 120HZ refresh rate and 2K functions cannot be used together. When using 2K, the refresh rate can only be switched back to 60HZ, after all, the power consumption is too large.
The Samsung S20 Ultra is equipped with a Snapdragon 865 processor, LPDDR5 memory supports UFS3.0 high-speed flash memory, and comes standard with a 12GB + 128GB memory combination. In terms of battery life, the Samsung S20 Ultra is equipped with a 5000mAh battery and supports 45W fast. Charge, the phone can be fully charged in less than an hour.
The camera configuration of the Samsung S20 Ultra is also very stacked. This time the Samsung S20 Ultra also used a 100-megapixel main camera with a 1 / 1.33-inch outsole. The other three lenses were 48-megapixel telephoto lenses and 12-megapixel super. The wide-angle lens + TOF camera supports 10x optical zoom and 100x digital zoom, which is exactly a telescope. Although the Samsung S20 Ultra has not yet sent the test to DXO, the specific score is not yet known. It is estimated that the score of the Samsung S20 Ultra will definitely not be lower than the Xiaomi 10Pro after the test.
Samsung S20 Ultra also supports dual stereo speakers, equipped with a horizontal linear vibration motor, and also supports IP68 waterproof. In this configuration, the Samsung S20 Ultra is a top flagship no matter how you look at it. In 2020, the Snapdragon 865 machine king, the Samsung S20 Ultra is basically scheduled. What do you think of the Samsung S20 Ultra phone? used iPhone xs max

Analyst: apple’s electronic tracker was released in the spring but may go on sale in June

It’s said that apple’s electronic tracker is like this, it’s said that apple’s electronic tracker is like this, it’s the size of a coin
On February 19th morning news, long-term focus on apple products, an analyst at Guo Ming ð « “ creates (Mig Chi Kuo), according to the Shanghai ring xu electronics (Universal Scientific Industrial) will begin in 2020, the second to the third quarter for apple for the upcoming electronic tracking device
The device, which was rumored to be a coin-size pendant that could be attached to a key chain or schoolbag to remind users of the location of important items, began before the launch of the iPhone 11 series last September.
There have been many similar products before, but most of them connect to the phone via Bluetooth, alerting the user on the phone once the Bluetooth is out of range. The biggest difference is that apple has a built-in ultra-wideband chip that points to performance.
Apple’s electronic trackers are going to be integrated with the search that comes with iOS
Guo Ming ð « “ creates, said ring xu electronics will be the major suppliers of the future products, won about 60% Inside the electronic tracker is a tightly packed circuit board that may include an Apple-designed U1 chip for uwb support.
The iPhone 11 series already has a U1 uwb chip built in to support a faster and more accurate AirDrop, and many believe the U1 is much more than that. In the iOS 13 code, someone has found the code for a ‘tracker’ accessory.
Guo Ming qi creates The electronic tracker may be unveiled at apple’s event on Tuesday, March 31, but won’t go on sale until the second and third quarters.

Nokia’s new phone exposed on TENAA, supports 0.8MB of running memory

Nokia’s new phone exposed on TENAA, supports 0.8MB of running memory

Nokia originally planned to release a feature phone product in MWC 2020. For various reasons, Nokia had to cancel the previous conference plan as a last resort. All mobile phones will be rescheduled for another day. Among them, the specifications of Nokia’s new feature phones have appeared on the telecommunications equipment network management website (TENAA), the model is TA-1212, and its appearance is similar to Nokia’s entry-level feature phone Nokia 220 released in 2014.


TENAA’s exposure information shows that the TA-1212 has a 2.4-inch 340 * 320 resolution screen. The phone also uses a single-core processor with a frequency of 0.36GHz, supports 0.8MB of operating memory and 16MB storage, and supports up to 32GB memory expansion. In addition, the TA-1212 also has a 300,000 pixel rear lens.


-12TA-1212 uses a 1200mAh battery, weighs 88g, and measures 132.75 x 52.43 x 13.1 mm. It is available in a dark gray version, but unfortunately there are no photos of this phone on TENAA.

In previous reports, the phone model was Nokia 8.2, but it should be wrong. The phone has not been officially named. The specific launch time of this phone has not been determined, and it is expected to be released in March.

Those things after owning the Apple family bucket

Those things after owning the Apple family bucket

Many iPhone users use it. Some people say that it is easy to use, and some people say that the function is not as good as Android and iPad. Most of the cases are the productivity before buying and the iQIYI Apple Watch. The hardware is not cost-effective, the system is unfamiliar, and games cannot be played yet. If you look at these devices from a single product point of view, you can find their shortcomings and alternatives. For example, the iPhone does not currently have 5G. You can choose a Huawei Mac computer for the same price. You can buy a Windows computer with stronger hardware.

In 2019, iPhone sales were 192 million, AirPods sales were 60 million, iPad sales were 49.9 million, Apple Watch sales were 30.7 million, and Mac sales were 18 million. In general, the number of users who have multiple Apple devices is very small compared to iPhone users, so only a few users can experience the complete “Apple ecosystem”.

When I was in college, I saw that some classmates were using iPhones. The landlord was very envious that there might be vanity as well. After graduation, I made money by participating in work. I bought an iPhone 5C and an iPad mini at the same time. It was the first Apple device I owned. In the follow-up work, because the company used an iMac computer, in order to facilitate collaborative work, the landlord bought a MacBook Pro 13-inch notebook. This is my third Apple device. As shown in the figure, these are the Apple devices I used early ~

Those things after owning Apple’s family bucket

The subsequent economy at hand is relatively loose and has iteratively updated many Apple devices. So far, it has used MacBook Pro 15, iPhone 11, AirPods Pro, Apple Watch 5 and iPad mini 5. Although there are many Apple peripherals, the main line products are basically complete. Be regarded as a user with Apple’s family bucket.

Those things after owning Apple’s family bucket

What I did so much is to tell everyone what Apple’s eye-catching. In addition to the hardware products themselves will be more reflected in the collaboration between multiple devices, so today I will talk to you about those things after the Apple family bucket ~

Send 100 photos in 10 seconds
IPhone users usually take photos. If you want to import photos to your computer, you may complain that it is more complicated. It is because you are using a windowsd computer. If you have a Mac computer, this operation will be very convenient. Call Control Center from your mobile phone and long press the network settings area to select AirDrop and click Everyone.

Those things after owning Apple’s family bucket

Now select the photos you want to export and click Share in the lower left corner to see the nearby Mac computer and click Send. This process is very fast and can transfer 100 photos in 10 seconds without using any traffic. In addition to photos, as well as videos, audio recordings, web pages, etc., as long as they can be shared, they can be transmitted through airdrop delivery. Usually, the building will insert some GIF animation in the original article. It is very convenient to make the animation with mobile phone software and then send it directly to the Mac computer.

Those things after owning Apple’s family bucket

This function can be transferred between iPhone, iPad, Mac. If you travel with your friends and take photos with your iPhone using the same method, you can quickly share the photos with your friends.

Those things after owning Apple’s family bucket

Relay function can be freely switched on different devices for the same application
Sometimes my friend sent me a webpage on WeChat. Although it can be opened using Safari browser, some webpages are too troublesome to browse on mobile phones. At this time, only the iPhone and Mac or iPad need to log in to the same iCloud account settings-General-Airplay and Relay-Relay. After the iPhone opens the webpage, the same webpage will appear in the dock of the Mac or iPad, and you can continue browsing after opening it.

Those things after owning Apple’s family bucket

The same email, calendar, contacts, maps, messages, contacts, reminders, and Mac office three-piece set can use this feature. The most commonly used by the landlord is the relay function on the memo. After writing part of the content in the memo of the iPhone, the text just entered into the memo via the relay will be synchronized in real time to achieve seamless editing.

Those things after owning Apple’s family bucket

Even Apple Watch apps can be synced to your Mac via relay.

Those things after owning Apple’s family bucket

Cloud clipboard free copy and paste on different devices
In fact, this function is also part of the relay function, but it is so practical that I have to talk about it separately. Friends sent you a long list of accounts and passwords that need to be logged in on your computer. At this time, the traditional method is to manually input one word at a time, and as long as it is a device under the same iCloud, seamless copy and paste can be achieved.

I select the text on the iPhone to copy it. At this time, press the paste button on the Mac to copy the text on the iPhone. This feature is particularly convenient for normal document editing. In addition to copying text, select the picture in the album to copy it, and click and paste the picture on the computer.

Those things after owning Apple’s family bucket

Even a Mac can directly call the iPhone’s camera and take it directly into a document after taking a picture.
Those things after owning Apple’s family bucket

iCloud sync your account passwords are stored in the cloud
As long as the user logs in to the iCloud account, photos, emails, contacts, browsers, keychains and other content on the device can be uploaded to the cloud. Apple itself provides 5G of cloud storage space. Users can pay for more space for 6 yuan per month / The price of 50G, 21 yuan / 200G, 68 yuan / 2T is actually quite cost-effective.