Smart speaker shipments rank Amazon, Google still lead, Apple is only sixth

Smart speaker shipments rank Amazon, Google still lead, Apple is only sixth

Smart Analytics Shipments by Strategy Analytics Smart Shipments by Strategy Analytics
Sina Digital News on the morning of February 14th, the latest data released by data agency Strategy Analytics today shows that globally, the winners of smart speakers are still Amazon and Google, China’s Baidu, Ali, and Xiaomi rely on price advantages in shipment On the dominant position, Apple’s HomePod is only in the sixth position.

Amazon is the world’s largest smart speaker supplier in the fourth quarter of 2019, with shipments of 15.8 million, accounting for 28.3% of the market share; Google with 23.9% of 13.9 million shipments, ranking second Chinese brands Baidu, Alibaba and Xiaomi are close behind.

Apple’s HomePod smart speaker shipments in the fourth quarter of 2019 are estimated to be 2.6 million, with a 4.7% share of the smart speaker market, ranking sixth.

In fact, Apple’s HomePod shipments in the fourth quarter of 2019 have increased significantly by 1 million units compared to the fourth quarter of 2018, a 65% increase year-on-year. This has not helped much to increase its market share.

The smart speaker market as a whole grew by 44.7%, with a total shipment of 55.7 million units, up from 38.5 million units in the fourth quarter of 2018. Strategy Analytics said that although the supply chain was temporarily suspended by the coronavirus, 2020 is expected to be a record year for smart speaker sales.

In this list, Amazon and Google’s leading factors have first-mover advantages, both of which have launched their own smart speaker products earlier; in addition, there are price advantages. Their smart speakers have extended multiple categories to cover Large price range. The same is true of the three Chinese manufacturers on the list.

According to Strategy Analytics, consumers are attracted to low prices, while Apple HomePod is priced at $ 299 in the United States, and it is not too many countries for sale.

There have been rumors that Apple is developing a lower cost HomePod, which will be released sometime in 2020, and it may be tested to increase sales. But in @Apple 汇 ‘s Weibo, the feedback from most netizens is not that the price is high, but that HomePod is used for a single purpose. The sound quality of this product is very good, but apart from Apple Music and AirPlay, it seems that there are not many use cases .

A large inventory of flagship new phones will be released in February / March, all worth looking forward to!

Recently, Xiaomi has announced the new Xiaomi Mi 10 during the online live broadcast release on February 13 in the face of difficulties.

Although it has said that it has created history, this is indeed a helpless move in a special period, and the subsequent brands of other friends must only do so, at least in the near future, everyone’s choices can only be so. So what models will be released in February / March? Let’s make a prediction together

1.New Samsung Galaxy S series

There is no doubt that the first new machine after the Lunar New Year has to be unveiled by Samsung. At 3 am Beijing time on February 12, 2020, Samsung will release a new flagship new Samsung Galaxy phone in San Francisco, according to speculation that this In addition to the newly released product, which is named as the Galaxy S20 series of mobile phones as pig feet, there is also a folding screen phone and other smart accessories products, which we will not mention.

According to previous reports, the protagonist Samsung Galaxy S20 will have three versions: including the 6.2-inch Galaxy S20, the 6.7-inch Galaxy S20 + and the 6.9-inch Galaxy S20 Ultra. The front part of the new machine will follow the design of the front screen of the Galaxy Note series, and the screen will support a high refresh rate of 120Hz; the main change of the back cover comes from the design of the rear camera module-it will be more popular now The matrix design, as I had previously guessed, these will become the standard design of this year.
In terms of parameters, the Galaxy S20 + will be a combination of four rear cameras, each consisting of a 12-megapixel wide-angle main camera, a 64-megapixel telephoto, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, and a ToF lens; while the S20 standard version It’s the same as missing a ToF lens. As the top product, the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s rear quad camera is even more powerful. It will use a combination of 108 million pixels main camera + 48 million pixels periscope telephoto + 12 million pixels super wide-angle + ToF lens. A brand of the top flagship series.

In terms of hardware, the version of the National Bank should still be the Snapdragon 865 processor, while the other version is equipped with the Samsung Exynos 990 processor, and 4G and 5G versions may still be introduced; among them, the battery capacity of the mobile phone will be greatly increased, all in 4000mAh Above, 25W fast charging technology supports and comes standard with a charging head. From the current point of view, this series of models still focus on improving the camera, of course, 5G dual mode is also one of the key points.

Conclusion: Samsung S series flagship models have not previously released more than three versions, and this time directly launched three products, it seems that they are also under pressure from friends, you must erect a top product, just Just like when the iPhone XS was launched, an iPhone XS MAX product is bound to be prominent, which is mainly suitable for high-end user groups. The author predicts that the price of this product will still be very expensive, and the changes in the design part will focus on the part of the back camera. Others will not have much change.

2.Xiaomi 10 series mobile phones

The Xiaomi Mi 10 series flagship phone has finally been officially warmed up recently. From the current situation, various materials are still mainstream, and because this product is facing a special period, there is no way to release new products offline like Samsung. This time will also be a world-wide way of live broadcast, presumably will be very promising.


The appearance of Xiaomi 10 does not have much news at present, but Xiaomi official has leaked various technical parameters and hardware in advance. The hardware part will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, and the entire series will use LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.0 flagship flash memory. The combination of the three will give full play to the full performance of the Snapdragon 865 processor; what is already known is that Xiaomi 10 will support 5G dual-mode networking (that is, SA / NSA networking). As for the 4G version, Not too good to say.


For the camera part, I estimate that it will be a rear four-camera combination. One of the main cameras should be the Sony IMX686 sensor used on the Redmi K30 5G mobile phone; the entire series is equipped with WiFi6 as standard, which also means that Xiaomi 10’s networking stability is great. Improved, more efficient and better gaming experience. For the battery part, if Xiaomi still positions it as a lightweight and portable type, it may be equipped with a 4000mAh battery; but for the battery life of 5G mobile phones, I think the 4500mAh battery may be more reliable, and Xiaomi 10 will support all Scene charging mode (wired + wireless and reverse wireless charging).

Conclusion: In order to boost confidence and make a good start, the Xiaomi Digital Series flagship always brings us more promising products in February every year, and Xiaomi 10 is no exception. Stacking + attractive pricing will be the biggest selling point of this product! And since this year is the 10th anniversary of Xiaomi, this Xiaomi 10 flagship may have a special commemorative version.

3.iQOO 3 series

In the past year, OV’s two digital flagship series for Xiaomi have highlighted a new series of products that can fight well. Among them, iQOO should be the most stable new vivo product. From the current point of view, iQOO must not be It will be much later than Xiaomi 10’s release, and it should be officially released before the end of February.


(iQOO neo)

Since it is to block Xiaomi 10, it is clear that iQOO 3 will also be equipped with the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor and support 5G dual-mode Internet access. In addition, this phone will abandon the previous full-screen design of water droplets, and change to the same full-screen design of the left or right side of the hole, and will allow the screen of this phone to support a screen with a high refresh rate of 90Hz.

Among them, the image part is not the main selling point of this phone. After all, the iQOO series has also lost points in these aspects. From the current point of view, the biggest difference between it and Xiaomi 10 is that it will be equipped with 55W super fast charging technology, which was announced by vivo last year, which will greatly improve the fast charging capacity of this phone!

Conclusion: iQOO’s sniper attack on Xiaomi’s digital flagship series is actually very successful after its launch. From the pricing to the hardware stacking, it has learned a good example. From the current point of view, this phone will become Xiaomi’s top 10 selling The biggest blocker should be the pricing part. In order to attack Xiaomi, OV has really paid enough attention and cost in the past two years.

4.OPPO Find X2

As the flagship of OPPO, the OPPO Find series has been rumored since the first half of last year. Although it has not been available for a whole year last year, this mobile phone will probably not be dragged into the second half of 202, the first half or even this year. Available before the end of February is the best choice!


Previously, the OPPO Find series has given us a lot of surprises. Compared with find 7, the better shape control, more top-level hardware matching and more powerful flash charging functions, etc., have left us a very good impression. So what kind of answer will its successor produce? From the current point of view, OPPO Find X2 is equipped with a 2K resolution + 120Hz high refresh rate OLED curved screen on the front part, and an ultra-small opening design in the upper left corner. There will also be a built-in O1 super-sensing image quality engine, which is likely to support video interpolation to 120 frames through an independent motion compensation chip + algorithm. In general, it provides the best movie viewing and entertainment experience for users of this phone, mainly in Optimize image quality.
In addition, the improvement of the imaging system will also be the top priority of this phone. It is reported that OPPO will also try to customize the outsole CMOS with Sony and launch the full-pixel all-focus technology to enhance the camera’s camera capabilities from an interactive perspective. ; And 65W super flash charging technology will also be cited by OPPO Find X2.

For the hardware part, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor must be indispensable, but in order to maintain the super high value and good feel, the body weight of the phone must sacrifice some battery capacity-4000mAh The battery capacity is probably the most likely.

Conclusion: Although the OPPO Find series is not a product with all the hardware, but from the current situation, OPPO wants to boost the confidence of other products. OPPO Find X2 can only erect itself to play for other products. Well this 5G mobile phone battle! And pricing will also be the biggest problem for this phone to become an ordinary user’s choice, and it is predicted that it will not be less than 5,000 yuan.

5.Honor 30 series mobile phones

As the main figure of Honor, Honor 30 will certainly not miss this lively event at the end of February, but from the current situation, Honor 30 will not officially appear until March at the earliest. However, as the flagship new product of the Honor series and the first 5G mobile phone of the Honor Digital series, it is also a flagship model worthy of attention.


Compared with other models, Honor 30’s hardware mix is ​​relatively better to predict, including Kirin 990 chip and supports dual-mode 5G, and has a relatively reasonable piece of 6.39-inch digging full-screen design, and uses a more detailed COF packaging process It is reported that this phone has the opportunity to use the design of a hyperboloid screen, but according to the previous urine, this possibility is very low. On the back, the more popular AG matte process in 2019 and the gradient color design that Glory is better at will be used.

The image part will be the main upgrade part of this phone. At present, a 64-megapixel main camera customized by Sony is running, supplemented by other three including ultra-wide-angle, telephoto and portrait lenses. The four-camera combination of this product is important. This phone will have a stronger telephoto lens than the Honor V30 Pro-supporting 50x digital zoom shooting capabilities. The whole machine has been greatly improved in the image, 5G networking and appearance design parts. used iPhone 11 pro max

Honor new machine officially enters the network 6.3-inch screen matrix lens looks glorious

Although approaching the Spring Festival, major mobile phone manufacturers have not stopped. Recently, a new Honor was officially launched. According to the official information, this phone uses a matrix camera on the back. The overall design is similar to the Honor V30. Let’s take a look at more detailed parameters of this phone.
A new glory machine code-named “MOA-AL00”
According to the information released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the code name of this new Honor is “MOA-AL00”, the body is 159.07mm × 74.06mm × 9.04mm, and it is equipped with a 6.3-inch screen. It should be noted that this phone has a built-in 4900mAh battery, which shows that its battery life is still very worth looking forward to.
A new glory machine code-named “MOA-AL00”
In addition to battery life, the face value of this new glory machine is also quite good. There is no opening on the gradient back panel. It seems that this phone will most likely use fingerprint recognition under the screen.
Honor new machine-specific parameters
According to its configuration information, the threshold for this phone should not be too high. And in the era when 5G mobile phones are gradually popular, it may take time for this 4G mobile phone to meet user expectations. If you want to buy used iPhones, there are used iPhone 6s plus, used iPhone 7, used iPhone 8 plus on sale in Energyitshop!

Mainly portable and enjoyable, CES2020 ASUS ROG new gaming peripherals make a stunning debut

Recently, the annual CES2020 international consumer electronics exhibition was grandly opened at the Las Vegas Convention Center. At this CES2020 exhibition, ROG focused on portable and smooth play and exhibited two newly designed gaming peripheral products, namely ROG popular gaming headsets and ROG powerful blade two gaming mice. Extreme performance configuration, excellent innovative design, and further meet the needs of players, the two new ROG peripherals on display this time won the favor of the attending audience.
ROG Popular-USB-C 2.4GHz Radio Headphones, Perfect Audio Anytime, Anywhere
ROG Popular is a wireless radio headset connected via USB-C 2.4GHz wireless technology. It can provide more stable and low-latency transmission performance than Bluetooth technology. At the same time, it is also an e-sports artifact designed to keep players competitive in a single game. USB-C can maintain up to 25 hours of battery life when fully charged. Of course, as an e-sports artifact, ROG’s popular compatibility is also extremely extensive. Whether it is a personal PC, laptop, game console or mobile phone, it can be connected through a fast L-type transmitter. And with the included additional USB 2.0 and 3.5mm adapters, players can plug ROGs into almost any other gaming device.
ROG is popularly equipped with a Hi-Res Audio-certified 40mm ASUS Essence driver, coupled with exclusive airtight headphone cavity technology, to get the most immersive sound experience, optimized deep bass, and immersive audio experience.
AI noise reduction microphone is the biggest highlight of ROG popularity. The detachable microphone is equipped with AI noise reduction technology-adjusted in a large database containing a large number of environmental noise samples so that ROG popularity can easily identify and cancel environmental noise Even in a cluttered environment, your teammates will not be disturbed by environmental sounds at all.
ROG Razor II——Three-mode gaming mouse, start to control the battlefield anytime, anywhere
The new ROG Blade 2 is a wireless competition mouse equipped with a 16000DPI optical sensor. It can be used without pressure during high-speed operation. ROG Blade 2 provides three connection modes: 2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth wireless and wired to suit different gaming environments. ROG Blade II has a built-in 2.4GHz transmitter, and with Smart Hop wireless technology, it can identify and avoid interference around the 2.4GHz band in real-time, ensuring the stability of players playing games. The wired mode is connected via USB, and the cable is 2 meters long. The mouse charging is also inserted through the USB interface, and it only takes 2 hours to regenerate the mouse with blood. ROG Blade II has an excellent battery life in wireless mode. It can provide up to 69 hours of battery life through a 2.4GHz connection and 100 hours of battery life when connected via Bluetooth. (Battery life estimation is based on the use of ROG Blade II without RGB lighting)
ROG Blade II has a customizable badge inside the mouse. Users can customize it with the blank badge that comes with them according to their preferences. It can be perfectly applied by easily removing the shell.
ROG Blade II is smart and comfortable, with a pair of magnetic buttons on the left and right sides. Players can remove and install at any time to avoid unnecessary accidental touch during the game. ROG Blade II is equipped with a Japanese high-quality Omron Micro Motion, which can withstand up to 50 million clicks. And the accessory box also comes with a pair of micro-switches. Moreover, with ROG’s unique hot-swap button micro-motion design, players can replace the micro-switches by themselves, while extending the life of the mouse, you can also customize your own Comfortable feel.
ROG is equipped with AURA SYNC. The mouse is equipped with an ROG logo, which has various RGB lighting modes. The Armory II software also presets 3 built-in profiles. Players can choose the preset mode. It can be customized.
It is reported that the above two e-sports peripherals will be launched one after another this year. Those who like it will experience the unique creativity from ROG and the joy of portable games. If you want to buy used iPhones, there are used iPhone 6s plus, used iPhone 7, used iPhone 8 plus on sale in Energyitshop!

Have a state-of-the-art display

Shen said the OPPO Find X2’s screen size and performance would be top-notch throughout the year while stressing that the screen would be “clear, smooth and smooth”. Some netizens think that when Yiren is hinting that OPPO Find X2 will also be equipped with a 2K 120Hz screen.
Speaking of 120Hz screens, one plus previously held a technical meeting specifically for 120Hz screens. At the meeting, one plus had predicted that the screen features of the new machine in 2020 would include fluency, accuracy and comfort, including 120Hz+2K+10bit. A 2K 120Hz screen is essential for the OPPO Find X2 to be ‘clear, smooth and smooth’.
According to current sources, the OPPO Find X2 will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, with SONY’s custom sensor and All Pixel Omni-directional PDAF. There is still very little information about OPPO Find X2, and the IT house will follow up in real-time.

The laptop CPU temperature is too high? Can help you

I believe many people will have this situation. Turning on the CPU will reach 80 degrees, and it will automatically shut down or restart. This situation is obviously caused by the high temperature of the CPU, so what about the high temperature of the CPU? How to deal with high CPU temperature?
Method one: cleaning the CPU cooling fan
What to do if the CPU temperature is too high? The easiest and most effective way to save money is to clean the CPU cooling fan yourself with a brush and a tiger.
The cleaning of the fan is a patience problem, and the cleaning of the dead-end of the fan is not particularly easy. With the cooperation of tigers, and even brushing and blowing, I believe that only with patience, the dust will disappear without a trace. It can significantly improve the cooling capacity of the CPU.
There is no technical content to clean the CPU fan by yourself. The only tools we use are hairbrushes and skin tigers. This will significantly improve the heat dissipation performance of the heat sink and reduce noise. For the cleaning of each board, we should always have a small brush and tiger skin, reasonable cleaning for about half a year.
Method 2: Apply thermal grease
Sometimes after the CPU cooling fan is cleaned, the temperature of the CPU does not increase significantly, and the CPU needs to be recoated with thermal grease. The longer the heat-conducting silicone oil is used, the worse the heat-conducting performance is, and it is easy to dry and crack. Re-apply thermal conductive silicone grease to make the processor and the heat sink fit tightly so that the heat from the CPU is completely eliminated. During use, pay attention to the application of thermally conductive silicone oil evenly to avoid uneven use and generate air bubbles.
We recommend that you use some professional gadgets to spread the cooling silicone evenly on the cooling surface of the CPU
No matter what kind of air-cooled heat sink, thermal grease must be applied. Only by applying thermal grease, can the entire heat of the CPU be transferred to the heat sink, ensuring that the processor works at normal temperature. At present, there is a silicone grease-free heat sink, which is evenly applied by the manufacturer on the contact surface between the heat sink and the CPU when leaving the factory. After the machine is running, the heating of the CPU will evenly apply thermal grease, which is very convenient for users.
Method 3: Combine the two methods and replace the cooling fan with a larger diameter
In the case that the above method does not significantly improve the heat dissipation of the CPU, it is recommended to replace the cooling fan with a larger diameter. Upgrading air-cooled radiators with larger diameters have lower costs. In addition, if the user has high requirements for heat dissipation, it is recommended that you use some high-end heating configuration heat dissipation methods: water-cooled heat dissipation, which will be the final solution to solve the high temperature of the CPU
High-end air-cooled radiators use larger diameter cooling fans, so even if the fan speed is low, it can bring enough air to take away the processor’s heat. Similarly, copper with good thermal conductivity on the heat sink is also used. The market price of this type of air-cooled radiator usually ranges from a few yuan to 100 yuan. a good choice. If there are more requirements for heat dissipation, for example, friends who like to run various large games and applications for a long time in summer may wish to use the most effective high-end heat dissipation method-water cooling.
Method 4: Use draft cooling
Because notebook vents are generally small, it is difficult for a normal cooling base to blow ambient air into the notebook and take away hot air. The working principle of the exhaust air cooling radiator is to draw hot air away from the cooling port. Compared with the traditional cooling base, it can more effectively accelerate the air circulation inside the notebook, and play a more effective cooling effect.
The solution to the high CPU temperature is simple. The key is to find out the cause of the CPU overheating. If you do not pay attention to the heat dissipation of the computer in the summer, it is likely to cause very serious consequences, which will not only affect the health and life of the computer but also affect the mood of the user. If you want to buy used iPhones, there are used iPhone 6s plus, used iPhone 7, used iPhone 8 plus on sale in Energyitshop!

The new machine introduces Ziguang Zhanrui chip, India releases special online

Recently, the LG W20 mobile phone appeared in the Google Play Console list for the first time, including some appearance and configuration information. The biggest highlight is that it is equipped with the Ziguang Zhanrui Tiger’s SC9863A chip. This is also the first time that LG mobile phones are equipped with Ziguang Zhanrui. Spreadtrum) chip.
Ziguang Zhanhu Tiger SC9863A chip was released in 2018. It integrates eight A55 CPU cores with a maximum frequency of 1.6GHz. At the same time, it is equipped with PowerVR GE8322 GPU cores. It is positioned as a cost-effective model with high performance and low power consumption and supports AI photography and faces. Identification, etc.
It has been widely used in ZTE, Panasonic, Hisense, Alcatel, Transsion and other smartphones, including Alcatel 1S (2019), ZTE Blade V10 Vita, Blade A7, Blade A5, Panasonic Eluga U3, HTC Wildfire E, etc. Wait.
The LG W series was born last year. It specializes in online. There are two models of LG W10 and LG W30. From the model name point of view, LG W20 is positioned between the two.
According to information provided by Google Play, the LG W20 uses a water drop screen design with a screen resolution of 1520 × 720, but the specific size is unknown. In addition to the internal hardware, in addition to the Ziguang Zhanhu Tiger SC9863A chip, it also has 3GB of memory and Android 9 Pie operating system…
The LG W10 and LG W30 are priced at INR 8,999 (about RMB 868) and INR 9999 (about 964 RMB). LG W20 should also be in the same grade. If you want to buy used iPhones, there are used iPhone 11 pro max, used iPhone 7, used iPhone 8 plus on sale in Energyitshop!

TSMC: 5nm process mass production is progressing smoothly and 3nm process will be overcome in the future

Recently, TSMC released the fourth quarter of the 2019 financial report. According to the financial report data, the 7nm process, which was the first mass production in 2018, has brought in TSMC’s revenue of $ 9.3 billion. Currently, TSMC is actively mass-producing 5nm chips. It is expected that 5nm chips will be mass-produced in the first half of 2020.
Apple and Huawei are both important customers of TSMC. New Apple chips, flagship Kirin chips, etc., will use the more advanced TSMC 5nm process. Earlier news showed that Apple’s A14 chip will use TSMC’s latest 5nm process, while Apple’s orders will account for two-thirds of TSMC’s production capacity, which may promote TSMC’s revenue to continue to grow. It is understood that the 5nm process can increase the density of the transistor by 80% and the speed by 20%.
Wafers produced by TSMC
The production capacity of 5nm chips may contribute 10% of TSMC’s revenue in 2020. However, in addition to 5nm chips, TSMC has not stopped the pace of research and development. It is reported that TSMC is developing a new 3nm chip, and this more advanced process is expected to achieve initial production in 2022. It can be seen that in the next few years, 7nm chips and 5nm chips will be mainstream.If you want to buy used iPhones, there are used iPhone 6s plus, used iPhone 7, used iPhone 8 plus on sale in Energyitshop!

Why can’t I escape “the law of true incense”? Lenovo S550 tells you the answer

At this year’s CES in Las Vegas, AMD released the 7nm Ryzen processor, R7 4800U. For a while, hardware fans were excited. Compared to Intel 10nm Core i7, R7 4800U ran a round of Cinemabech R20 (an After testing the CPU benchmark performance software), the running score is far higher than the opponent
Although AMD has been ridiculed as “agricultural enterprises” before, such a brilliant performance really makes people have to look at it. In fact, in the field of notebooks, APU has long been following the trend and has many products with outstanding cost performance. Taking the R5-3500U as an example, there are explosion models such as the HP 66 Ryzen Edition, Huawei Matebook D, and Redmi Book 14, but the most balanced configuration is the newly launched Lenovo S550 in 2020. You can hardly find it Shortboard.
When choosing a notebook, you may be wondering: Why are Ryzen notebooks on the market more affordable than Intel notebooks? Is its performance sufficient?
In fact, the performance of the Ryzen series completely crushed Intel at the same price. Let’s take the Lenovo S550 as an example to see how the big manufacturers in the industry tune the Rylon R5-3500U into a “real fragrance”.
As a solution for entry-level thin and light notebooks, the performance of the R5-3500U on the Lenovo S550 is really powerful. It uses a 12nm process, zen + architecture, four cores and eight threads, clocked at 2.1G, Turbo 3.7G, and Vega integrated with R5-3500U The 8 graphics card is an overwhelming victory when it comes to Intel’s integrated price CPU integrated graphics.
However, if Vega 8’s performance is to be fully utilized, a powerful cooling system is necessary. Therefore, many manufacturers have designed dual-copper cooling for the Ryzen notebook, but the Lenovo S550 is very forward-looking in terms of heat dissipation. It uses a saturated dual-cooling fan design to ensure that the CPU and graphics card can run at full capacity. Blood status.
However, although the R5-3500U has the performance of Intel at the same price, it has also made some sacrifices in battery life. In order to make up for this shortboard, the Lenovo S550 uses a 50whr battery, and at the same time, it adds 80% fast charging technology for 30 minutes to completely end the user’s battery life anxiety.
Because the Vega 8 graphics card uses the notebook’s own memory as the video memory, the Lenovo S550 is equipped with dual-channel memory, one of which can be replaced with a maximum of 12G memory, which is enough to make the performance of the Vega 8 better. Mainstream The network can run stably at 1080P plus 60 frames. At the same time, dual hard drives also leave more room for expansion of the Lenovo S550, allowing it to have more powerful entertainment.
For fast switching in different scenarios, the Lenovo S550 also has its own exclusive mode. Only fn + Q is required to switch the quiet mode high-performance mode, without the need for complicated settings, and can be freely selected according to demand.
Of course, in addition to the CPU, memory, hard disk and other basic configurations, the Lenovo S550 also has dual Dolby-certified speakers, dual brightness backlight, 2-second fingerprint security identification, dual genuine (Windows + Office) authorization and so on. used iPhone xs max

TWS headset new “war”, OPPO true wireless headset and AirPods, how strong?

I don’t know how long it has been since the first generation of AirPods was released? The correct answer is more than three years, and it is precisely the emergence of it, which makes true wireless headphones usher in a rapid leap. Nowadays, people have also begun to adapt to the habit of carrying wireless headphones when going out.
In 2019, Apple has launched the 2nd generation AirPods and the noise-reduction version of AirPods Pro in succession, letting people see its technology leadership in wireless headphones. However, for Android users like me, although I admire the strength of AirPods, I am still afraid that the system will be a bit unsuitable, so I finally decided to buy a wireless headset suitable for Android phones.
Coincidentally, at the end of 2019, OPPO also launched its own true wireless headset Enco Free. You know, OPPO used to be a giant in the MP3 and MP4 industries. After so many years, this product must have its uniqueness. I would say nothing and immediately placed an order after it was released.
I have to say that this headset is really good-looking, the box is very small and very suitable for carrying around. Of course, the focus is on the headset. Its overall shape is very smooth, and it will not look awkward when worn on the ear. Coupled with the clever arc transition at the bottom of the headset, it doesn’t look like a wired headset has its wires cut.
Of course, the biggest difference between OPPO Enco Free and semi-in-ear headphones like AirPods is that it has two wearing methods, divided into semi-in-ear and shallow-in-ear, and provides three sizes of ear caps. And because of the protection of soft liquid silicone, this is also a good choice for users who like in-ear headphones.
So, how is this headset different from AirPods in use? The first thing to say is the delay that I can barely feel after wearing it. With Reno 3 Pro, OPPO true wireless headphones achieve 120ms low latency, which undoubtedly surprised me.
Because AirPods can only achieve a delay of 140ms. Although it usually has little effect on listening to songs, in a game such as “Peace Elite” that requires high accuracy, this slight gap may be the enemy going up and down the stairs. Time, so obviously the delay needs to be as low as possible.
For many AirPods users, another upgrade of OPPO Enco Free is to make Apple “heart-struck”, that is, gesture interaction is more versatile, in addition to the basic tap on the headset to answer and hang up the phone, or to play music, OPPO true wireless headphones can also slide to adjust the volume, which is more convenient.
It is worth mentioning that AirPods currently only supports the wake-up of Siri, but OPPO Enco Free is compatible with other Android brand voice assistants except for Brepo’s smart assistant Breeno, so it will not have much impact on most mobile phones…
As for sound quality and endurance, OPPO Enco Free also performs quite well. Because it uses the current industry-leading ultra-dynamic speakers, it can fully restore the details and dynamic range of multiple components, which is enough to bring users professional sound performance. In terms of battery life, it can also listen to music for 5 hours from a full blood state. If you add a charging case, it can reach 25 hours, which is full of strength.
From this point of view, the strength of OPPO Enco Free can really be described as “born for smartphones”, coupled with its support for Android system, it is a pretty good choice for non-Apple users. What’s more, such a wireless headset can be bought for the price of 699 yuan. Compared to AirPods, which costs as high as 1,246 yuan, Apple users are inevitably also excited. At present, they can enjoy a discount of 30 yuan. Don’t miss it.