Cook on personal life: no regrets about coming out

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently sat down with People magazine to discuss apple’s diversity, his personal life and his decision to publicly announce his sexual orientation.
In 2014, Cook wrote a letter to Bloomberg Businessweek acknowledging he was gay. He wanted to give comfort to those who felt lonely and “encourage people to hold on to their equality”.
Cook said this time he did not regret the decision. “I don’t regret a minute of it, not at all,” he said. He explained that he often received letters from young people who were troubled by their sexual orientation and wanted to do something about it. It took him a year to get it right and pick the right moment to announce it.
Cook said he was not personally intimidated by the announcement. But he worries about the world outside apple. “I mean, there are still about half of the states where you could be fired for being gay.”
Apple has a “history of openness and diversity,” so he wouldn’t be uncomfortable announcing it. According to cook, being gay instead gave him “a much higher than average level of empathy.”
Cook also highlighted diversity and apple’s recent brief in support of the DACA program. “We know that diversity helps us to develop better products. We know that the best products are developed by the most diverse teams because the products are created for everyone.”

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