Global true wireless headset sound quality ranking

In the past two years, the biggest trend of Bluetooth headsets is the popularity of “truly wireless” headsets. Whether it is the popularity of Apple AirPods or major audio manufacturers, they have launched their new true wireless Bluetooth headsets. Compared with traditional Bluetooth headsets, That said, the true wireless headset removes the wire around the neck, and the two earbuds truly achieve wireless connection, providing more compact portability and lighter wearing comfort, without being tied by wires.


Under normal circumstances, call clarity, sound quality, endurance, and Bluetooth stability are the four core indicators of true wireless Bluetooth headsets. The author has also successively started several real wireless headsets in succession. The prices vary widely, and the actual experience It ’s also quite different, here is an inventory of the three best-selling Bluetooth headsets today.

First, NANK N2 true wireless Bluetooth headset

South Carolina Bluetooth headset is the latest super-hot Bluetooth sports headset, which costs about 300 yuan, but has powerful explosive power and heavy bass, equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 chip, and innovative polymer composite diaphragm, with the Toronto Music Master million adjustments, To make the sound performance richer and more delicate, to hear the ears, and to be immersive, you won’t lose thousands of dollars in sound quality. Because of its superior cost performance, it is praised by major technology media websites as “ the best choice for cost-effective Bluetooth headphones 2019 “.

South Carolina Bluetooth headsets have spent a lot of thoughts on comfort, sound quality and endurance. In addition to first-class hardware configuration, they even established a human ear database and developed a ring-shaped fit design that conforms to Asian ear types. 25 ° flexibility Ear caps, with a very light body of the only 4g, can be worn for a long time without pain. In terms of sound quality, we invited the Canadian musician William Arnaldo to work with 20 European and American tuners for two years. For different music styles, millions of adjustments were made to create a more excellent and pure sound. This headset has super long battery life, has a 3,000 mAh charging compartment, can provide 120 hours of battery life for the headset, and the charging compartment can charge the mobile phone in reverse, you don’t have to worry about the mobile phone and Bluetooth headset running out of power!

Second, the iron triangle

If you love noise reduction! If you are voice-controlled! If you are Yan Kong! Then you must not miss it.
Advantages: 11mm moving coil. At present, there is no one in the major brands of true wireless headphones. The sound quality is very strong, the bass is good, the mid and high frequencies are excellent, the frequencies are good, and the drums are clear. Listen carefully and you can find some ordinary music. The background sound indicates that the analysis is still good, the comfort is very high after listening for a long time, and the power is 6 + 9 for a total of 15 hours of durability! The price is nearly two thousand, it is recommended that everyone can buy the iron triangle directly at an affordable price, and whoever knows the sound quality.
Third, smartisan true wireless Bluetooth headset
The true wireless Bluetooth headset uses a dual technology combination of a Bluetooth 5.0 chip and a loop ceramic antenna. In conjunction with IBRT’s ear-to-ear transmission technology, the delay and synchronization problems of the left and right ears are greatly reduced. At the same time, the left and right ears are used alternately to avoid long-term wear on one side. Discomfort.

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