Hitman’s “Cloud Desktop” main camera exposure comes with extreme image stabilization

On February 24, 2020, Vivo officially announced that it will launch its new generation APEX concept machine, APEX 2020, on the 28th of this month. As the release date approaches, Vivo has also successively released a number of pre-heating concept posters through its official platform. Some of the details exposed have also caused everyone’s attention and curiosity.

Combined with the relevant news that has been announced so far, we can easily find that in addition to the continuous innovation and exploration of the integrated design of the previous two generations of APEX concept machines, the newly launched APEX 2020 will also focus on the development of imaging technology. Earlier, Ben Geskin, who broke the news, once shared an APEX 2020 rendering of the camera part marked “48MP GIMBAL CAMERA” on Twitter. However, in the latest pre-heating poster released today, a preview lens appeared to achieve more The icon of the angle rotation, and the words “Gimbal-stabilizing Camera-Super Stabilizing Micro-Head”. All these seem to confirm the predictions made by people in the circle that the APEX 2020 will be equipped with a “cloud desktop” camera.
As we all know, the PTZ is an external device commonly used in video shooting. The purpose is to stabilize the picture and output clearer and more stable content. If Vivo really successfully built the complex mechanical structure of the gimbal directly into the camera, it would be a revolutionary breakthrough and innovation in the form of the mobile phone camera. No wonder many people are lamenting that this time, Vivo is going to zoom in again!
In fact, the “cloud desktop” camera is not the first breakthrough in Vivo in the imaging field. As early as 2014, Vivo launched Xshot, the world’s first F1.8 large aperture optical image stabilization phone. This phone was the world’s first mobile phone with built-in hand/autofocus switching, AE lock, and other support for fast/slow motion.
Since then, the video has continued to increase its R & D investment in the field of photography. In 2017, it brought the industry-leading “backlight and clear” portrait shooting technology through X20 mobile phones. The X23 mobile phone that has been upgraded since then can output photos with rich light and dark details and natural tones in the ultra-high dynamic range of 12.3EV, reaching the highest level in the industry at that time.
In addition, Vivo also released the “TOF 3D Super Induction Technology” during the 2018 MWC in Shanghai, which provided unlimited possibilities for the future development of mobile imaging, human-computer interaction, and AR.
With the advent of the 5G era, network communication technology continues to progress and popularize, and the short video/vlog industry has achieved rapid development. “Recording life with video” has become the mainstream of people’s daily shooting. At this time Vivo launched a “cloud desktop” camera, which can be described as a “big move” released in conjunction with consumer trends. It is believed that this innovative form of the mobile phone camera will also continue to lead and promote the continuous evolution of the mobile phone industry in the field of “anti-shake”.
This “cloud desktop” camera has “multi-fragrant” in the end, what exactly is the form? What a powerful shooting effect and experience can be realized, I’m afraid we won’t see it until February 28! used iPhones

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