How to avoid cell phone rage in summer?

Hot summer again, every day in the indoor and outdoor, with torture, not only the body easily lose our temper, temper also follow up, the hot weather let a person very easy to get angry, but not just us humans, so it is with the mobile phone, many users recycling mobile phone is also in summer “irritated” or “angry”.
Yesterday, a friend said that the cell phone burned screen, ask how much money can be recycled in our this, also said that the summer is too hot, this is not the first, it seems that everyone should pay attention to ah!
So how do you keep your phone from getting angry?
1. Purchase mobile phones or original batteries and chargers produced by regular brand manufacturers;
2. Unplug the charger immediately after charging the phone, and do not plug it into the socket for a long time;
Three, mobile power supply if the voltage is not stable, often use, easy to damage the cell phone battery.
Four, charging process do not answer the phone, if found that the phone is too hot, stop all operations as soon as possible, to prevent the phone board overheating fire;
Go to the cell phone to calm down!

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