If you want to change the battery of the iPhone, is it better to choose the third-party large-capacity battery or the original battery?

To be honest, if apple’s original battery weren’t expensive, many people would go for it anyway. Unfortunately, Apple is a “walking profit harvester”, and accessories are an important source of profit. In addition to the screen, which is an expensive accessory, Apple has made a lot of money from aging batteries.
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The new iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR batteries cost 529 yuan on apple’s website. The battery of the previous phones affected by the “down frequency gate” was 214 yuan — just a price for a special period, but it will be 369 yuan after this year. Other iPhone batteries cost as much as 601 yuan to replace!
As for the price of the iPhone’s third-party battery, it’s much more affordable. On Taobao, prices of various third-party batteries for iPhones range from tens to hundreds of yuan.
The huge difference in price makes many people hesitate to exchange batteries for iPhones — and Apple fans aren’t all that rich. They didn’t know whether to trust apple’s official battery or opt for a third-party one. If not bad money, then certainly can not hesitate to choose apple’s official battery. After all, the quality of the official battery is guaranteed, and if there is a problem, you can directly go to apple for after-sales responsibility. But the price of 500 multivariate changes a battery, still can let the average person “flesh aches” — can buy the homebred mobile phone that is similar fast!
In fact, third-party batteries are a good choice. After all, the production threshold of batteries is not high, and many enterprises can make high-quality batteries — unlike the screen and CPU, which are monopolized by Samsung and other core technologies. Pinsheng, scud, etc., are well-known battery manufacturers, and there is no need to worry about the quality of the third-party batteries they make for iPhone. It is said that the original battery was probably responsible for the iPhone’s automatic shutdown at low temperatures. Many people have solved this problem after replacing the battery with a third party.
If you’re looking for a third-party battery, you’re advised to buy a larger capacity, one that’s larger than apple’s official battery. High-capacity batteries cost a few dozen bucks less than the regular version, but they add more capacity and extend the life of the iPhone, which is very important.
So, if your iPhone battery is aging, opt for a third-party, high-capacity battery. Why not continue to enjoy using the new iPhone and eat a big meal with the money you’ve saved?Friendly recommendation:used iPhones,used iPhone 7,used iPhone xs max

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