Redmi K30 series coming soon: dual-mode 5G blessing

On November 28, Lu Weibing, vice president of Xiaomi Group and general manager of the Redmi brand, revealed a PPT that appeared at the K20 series conference: Lu Weibing was wearing a boxing suit. There are also four keywords “K.O. yourself” on PPT.
Some netizens leave a message, Redmi K30 series, true flagship, dare KO.
It is reported that the K30 series will be released on December 10 and support SA and NSA dual-mode 5G, which is the first dual-mode 5G mobile phone of the Xiaomi series.
Not only that, the Redmi K30 uses a digging screen solution, and it has a front dual-hole design. This is the first digging screen mobile phone in the Xiaomi series.
On the core configuration, it is reported that the K20 is equipped with Qualcomm dual-mode 5G SOC, and the K20 Pro is equipped with MediaTek ’s flagship 5G SOC Teana 1000 (the authenticity is yet to be confirmed).
Earlier, Lu Weibing confirmed that Redmi will use MediaTek Teana 1000 SOC, so it is not possible to rule out the possibility of K30 Pro launch.
Lu Weibing emphasized that Redmi is positioned as a “5G pioneer” in 2020. Pioneer means that Redmi will be the first to adopt the latest 5G technology, the most radical product definition and the fastest release rhythm, so that more users can enjoy the beautiful life brought by 5G.Friendly recommendation:used iPhones,used iPhone 7,used iPhone xs max

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