Samsung Phone Receives “1” Notification Foreign Media: Not a Test but a Data Leak

On the morning of February 25th, some Samsung users received a strange number “1” notifications on their smartphones last week. This notification comes from the “Find My Phone” app. According to foreign media AndroidAuthority news, this notification may be the result of Samsung’s data breach.
Some users receive strange notifications from Samsung
After the incident, Samsung publicly stated that this was also the result of “internal testing” and “has no effect on your device.” But today’s report overturns that claim. AndroidAuthority quoted a message from the foreign media The Register, the notification stemmed from a Samsung data leak, resulting in “a few users can access the details of other users.”
“This issue caused a small number of users to access the details of other users. When we realized this, we directly canceled the store login function on the website until the problem was resolved. We will contact the people affected by this issue to provide more More details. ”
Currently, some users who have received this notification have disabled the Find My Phone feature. This feature belongs to the system level, so it cannot be uninstalled, but it can be disabled so that the phone will not automatically locate. However, it is unclear whether disabling this feature will solve the problem.
Regarding this incident, we recommend that you change your Samsung account password whether or not you receive this strange notification.

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