Samsung ramps up supply of OLED screens to apple

While the overall upgrade to the new iPhone this year was modest, the camera upgrade was enough to convince consumers to open their wallets. Judging from the market performance, the sales of iPhone 11 series this year are very good, surpassing the iPhone XR/XS series in the same period last year.
Samsung display is likely to provide 50 million OLED displays to apple in The second half of this year, more than previously expected, due to The positive market reaction to The latest iPhone 11 series, The Investor reported on Tuesday.
Samsung provided 22.2 million 5.85-inch and 6.46-inch panels for apple’s iPhone in the third quarter, which ended in September. Of these, 3.9 million were in July, 8.4 million in August and 9.9 million in September.
Industry sources also said samsung’s supply of OLED screens in September was 40 percent higher than the planned 6.9 million units, helped by strong sales of the iPhone 11 Pro series.
Samsung is also expected to provide 9.8 million panels in October and 5 million in November, the report said. Based on December supply projections, apple could get 40 million to 50 million panels from samsung this year. Reports say samsung supplied just six million units in the first half of this year.
Samsung is apple’s main screen supplier, supplying 90% of the OLED panels on the iPhone, including models like the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. But in an effort to undercut samsung’s influence, LG is also reportedly starting to supply the OLED screens needed for the iPhone 11 Pro Max, but in small quantities, about 8 million units.If you want to buy used iPhones, you can choose a second-hand sales platform, is a professional global sales of Apple mobile phone platform´╝ü

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