Smart watch comes out to make Apple Watch smarter

The Apple Watch is already one of the most powerful smartwatches on the market, but a smart strap released at CES this week will go far beyond what Apple has developed. This AURA strap is a strap with its own intelligent function, which can do things like track moisture and body composition, and then wirelessly send results and statistics to the iPhone.
By using bio-impedance, the strap can perform rapid body composition analysis, which means it can measure body fat and muscle mass. It can then determine the level of hydration and calculate the risk of heart failure, a feature that the Apple Watch can provide, but with additional data, the AURA strap can provide a more accurate judgement. The AURA strap design is different from other Apple Watch straps because it uses sensors placed inside to collect information. It also uses standard Apple Watch lugs, so users can easily connect it to the watch.
According to official estimates, the AURA strap can be replaced with a battery and can last for six months. It obviously supports Apple’s HealthKit and is completely waterproof, just like the Apple Watch, so it can be worn at any time even while taking a bath. It is available in two sizes to fit different Apple Watch versions. The AURA strap takes about 20 seconds to obtain human data, and these statistics are automatically transferred to the iPhone and Apple Watch.
The strap comes in four colors, black, green, red, and gray, and is already available for pre-order for $ 99. The first batch of products is limited and delivery will begin in early April. used iPhone 6s plus

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