Apple’s iPhone 7 global price map: cheapest in the us

Apple introduced the iPhone7 two years ago, representing the pinnacle of its smartphone design. Two years later, it’s still a great smartphone, and at a lower price, better value for money.
In the U.S., the iPhone 7 starts at $549 for 32GB storage, not including taxes and other fees, which is almost half the price of the iPhone X.
It’s worth noting that if you live in Canada or Australia, the iPhone 7 will cost about $50 to $60 more than in the United States, about $100 more if you live in Mexico, and about $200 more if you live in the United Kingdom or other European countries like Spain, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. But the iPhone 7 is the most expensive in Brazil, costing $350 more than in the United States. Brazil has long been the most expensive place in the world to buy an iPhone, largely because of high import taxes on most manufactured retail goods.used iphone 7
Here’s a price map of the iPhone 7 around the world: