New iPhone folding screen: 8-inch screen +90° PC folding in seconds

Folding iPhone, which has been rumored for a long time, has just been added to the mix. According to the latest renderings of the new iPhone folding screen revealed by @ben Geskin, the iPhone folding screen adopts a large 8-inch screen with the same rectangular lens of the iPhone 11 series in the rear. When folded at 90°, it can turn into a PC tablet in a second, which is very interesting.

Apple’s line of products has long been seen as overpriced, and while the new iPhone 11 is less expensive this year, it is believed to be more expensive if it is a fold-down iPhone. Designer Ben Geskin’s 8-inch iPhone folding screen, released online, is just what to expect.
In addition to having an 8-inch display, you can also see that this iPhone foldout also has a display on the outside when folded, which is very similar to the samsung Galaxy Fold, at least the hinges look the same, but the outside screen is larger (maybe more than 5 inches).
On the camera side, the new fold-down iPhone features a wide ‘fringe’ selfie camera, which can be imagined as a rectangular 3 – or 4-shot array, although the rear lens is not visible. The Apple Pencil has also become an additional package for this machine to upgrade the productivity of the whole machine.
It’s worth noting that the new fold-down iPhone’s hinges can be fixed when folded at 30 degrees, 45 degrees, or 90 degrees, and remain usable, much like a PC laptop or the same mode, for office convenience.
Sure, the above illustration of the new iPhone folding screen looks real, but oddly enough, we haven’t seen that many apple patents on foldable phones so far, so we’ll have to wait and see when this one arrives. If you want to buy used iPhones, there are used iPhone 6s plus, used iPhone 8 plus, used iPhone Xs Max on sale in Energyitshop!

CIRP reports stagnant growth of U.S. iPhone users

Apple’s iPhone user base is growing at a slower pace in the U.S., and a decline in iPhone user ownership and the number of Android users moving into the iPhone camp is believed to be the main reason, according to a questionable derivative analysis by consumer intelligence research partners (CIRP), according to foreign media reports.

Apple’s latest financial results, released on Wednesday, showed total revenue for the quarter was $64 billion, with the iPhone generating $33.36 billion, down 9 percent from a year earlier. But for Apple, a small drop in iPhone revenue could be offset by other areas, such as growth in services, wearables and iPads.

In ciRP’s report, Apple’s continued growth in u.S. iPhone sales is slowly stagnating, with consecutive quarters of sales growth negligible compared with last year. Apple’s install-base in the U.S. is estimated to have reached 204 million units in the September quarter.

“Apple installed the iPhone in the U.S. at the lowest level in six years,” said Josh Lowitz, a partner and co-founder of CIRP. Quarterly and annual growth has slowed to the lowest level since we started tracking iPhone sales in 2012. ”

CiRP believes this is happening for a number of reasons, including fewer first-time smartphone buyers and fewer Android users switching to iPhones. In addition, CIRP added: “However, the trend of extending the use of older phones protects the size of the installation base.” “The continued activity of the old iPhone prevented users from switching from iOS to Android — even though the number of switchovers on both directions was declining. ”

But ciRP’s analysis has some problems: its figure of $204 million is based on an estimated global sales of 43 million, which is based on apple’s average sales price of $783 and the data it publishes. For now, Apple is no longer providing specific data on its iPhone sales, forcing analysts to base on government data to make base-based guesses or get more information from other third parties.

In addition, CIRP provides analysis of different devices that Apple classifies as other products, including AirPods, Apple Watch, Apple TV, HomePod, Beats headset, Beats wireless headset, Beats speakers and protective cases.

Apple TV continues to lead the company with nearly 25 percent of its user ownership, followed by the Apple Watch — with about 20 percent, HomePod and AirPods — with between 5 percent and 10 percent. While most of the products on the list have the same ownership as they were in September 2018, Apple TV’s ownership rate has increased and HomePod stakes seem to exceed that of the protective case and Beats devices.If you want to buy used iPhone 6s plus, you can choose a second-hand sales platform, is a professional global sales of Apple mobile phone platform!

If you want to change the battery of the iPhone, is it better to choose the third-party large-capacity battery or the original battery?

To be honest, if apple’s original battery weren’t expensive, many people would go for it anyway. Unfortunately, Apple is a “walking profit harvester”, and accessories are an important source of profit. In addition to the screen, which is an expensive accessory, Apple has made a lot of money from aging batteries.
Image provided: cloud vision
The new iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR batteries cost 529 yuan on apple’s website. The battery of the previous phones affected by the “down frequency gate” was 214 yuan — just a price for a special period, but it will be 369 yuan after this year. Other iPhone batteries cost as much as 601 yuan to replace!
As for the price of the iPhone’s third-party battery, it’s much more affordable. On Taobao, prices of various third-party batteries for iPhones range from tens to hundreds of yuan.
The huge difference in price makes many people hesitate to exchange batteries for iPhones — and Apple fans aren’t all that rich. They didn’t know whether to trust apple’s official battery or opt for a third-party one. If not bad money, then certainly can not hesitate to choose apple’s official battery. After all, the quality of the official battery is guaranteed, and if there is a problem, you can directly go to apple for after-sales responsibility. But the price of 500 multivariate changes a battery, still can let the average person “flesh aches” — can buy the homebred mobile phone that is similar fast!
In fact, third-party batteries are a good choice. After all, the production threshold of batteries is not high, and many enterprises can make high-quality batteries — unlike the screen and CPU, which are monopolized by Samsung and other core technologies. Pinsheng, scud, etc., are well-known battery manufacturers, and there is no need to worry about the quality of the third-party batteries they make for iPhone. It is said that the original battery was probably responsible for the iPhone’s automatic shutdown at low temperatures. Many people have solved this problem after replacing the battery with a third party.
If you’re looking for a third-party battery, you’re advised to buy a larger capacity, one that’s larger than apple’s official battery. High-capacity batteries cost a few dozen bucks less than the regular version, but they add more capacity and extend the life of the iPhone, which is very important.
So, if your iPhone battery is aging, opt for a third-party, high-capacity battery. Why not continue to enjoy using the new iPhone and eat a big meal with the money you’ve saved?Friendly recommendation:used iPhones,used iPhone 7,used iPhone xs max

Is 4g memory enough for iphone?

Android USES 12GB, why doesn’t the iPhone add more memory? Does the iPhone have enough memory?
The question of why the iPhone doesn’t have more memory is actually a technical one, involving the design principles of both iOS and android operating systems.

Why doesn’t iOS need a lot of memory?

Because apple has its own server (Google actually has its own server, but it’s not available at home, as we’ll see below). The iOS system must work with apple’s servers. When each iOS device is connected to the Internet, iOS first establishes a long connection to apple’s servers.
In the case of WeChat, on iOS, if WeChat is open, then the logic is the same as the above mentioned in android, and the difference is reflected after WeChat is closed. If your iPhone WeChat APP is closed, and tencent server disconnected, but this time, your friend sent a message to you, the message had been sent to the server, tencent first then tencent server found WeChat APP on your mobile phone no and server connection is established, then it will be to send this message turned to apple’s server, then apple’s server will send to you after receiving the iOS, receive can timely to alert system. This is actually an extra step, but the benefit is that your WeChat APP on your phone can be completely shut down, leaving no extra threads to receive the message, because apple’s servers will keep receiving the message and send it to the phone system, which will then alert you.
In this way, the memory of the iphone does not need to increase with the capacity of the hard disk, because even if the APP is completely closed, it will not affect the timely receipt of messages. Plus iOS actually does not support in the true sense of the background (with only limited several operation such as the background music, download, navigation, if an APP into the background, 10 minutes is not change to the front desk, then the system will shut down it, leaving only died a screenshot), so apple mobile phone for the most part of the memory time is only a APP (this) service, an APP using 4 gb of memory, really is more than sufficient.
What’s more, the fact that apple phones are said to be safe and private has something to do with it.
If the APP on the iphone is closed, it is true that all threads are closed; And android, as each APP must leave some threads have been run in the background, some unscrupulous APP even mobile phone manufacturer, leaves will not only receive a message to the thread that will leave secretly open the camera or microphone thread, to collect user data, and the background thread, because the code is the system level, the user never likely to shut down.

Why doesn’t the overseas version of android have so much memory?

The overseas edition of android machine can use Google servers (android that paragraph of time with the stop for authorization events in China, in fact is Google don’t let the overseas edition of huawei connect to Google’s server), and using the Google server, push mechanism becomes like iOS, don’t need to have your own APP your thread in the background, Google will help the APP server receives the information.
As is known to all, domestic android users cannot connect to the server of Google. Therefore, if the APP wants to receive messages in time, the developer can only use the method of resident background, while the APP thread resident in the background needs a lot of memory support, so the domestic android has to increase memory. So who pays for all that extra memory? The wool all gives on the sheep body, of course still user, still consumer. This is the tragedy of our domestic android users, who not only have to endure the loss of privacy, but also have to pay for it.
At present, the domestic APP hosting background has made the whole android ecosystem in China a mess. In fact, many major manufacturers have thought about solutions, such as xiaomi launching its own push service, huawei also has its own push service, but all of them have little effect. Because there is no developer to cooperate with them, first of all, developers need to adapt to each other one by one, which increases the development cost and maintenance cost. Second, APP developers are not willing to give up the benefits brought by resident backstage.
At present is worth waiting for, android push alliance, the alliance is led by the ministry, push principle is the same as the operation mechanism and iOS, carried out if you can, can solve the above problems, but this one is still in testing phase, is still a good wishes, can be rolled out in the future is still uncertain.
So, apple does not go up big memory, true not stingy door, but not necessary. Domestic android machine 12G memory can not beat apple 4G memory, why? Because of the 12G memory, a large part of it is reserved for the resident background of domestic apps.If you want to buy used iPhones, you can choose a second-hand sales platform, is a professional global sales of Apple mobile phone platform!