TWS headset new “war”, OPPO true wireless headset and AirPods, how strong?

I don’t know how long it has been since the first generation of AirPods was released? The correct answer is more than three years, and it is precisely the emergence of it, which makes true wireless headphones usher in a rapid leap. Nowadays, people have also begun to adapt to the habit of carrying wireless headphones when going out.
In 2019, Apple has launched the 2nd generation AirPods and the noise-reduction version of AirPods Pro in succession, letting people see its technology leadership in wireless headphones. However, for Android users like me, although I admire the strength of AirPods, I am still afraid that the system will be a bit unsuitable, so I finally decided to buy a wireless headset suitable for Android phones.
Coincidentally, at the end of 2019, OPPO also launched its own true wireless headset Enco Free. You know, OPPO used to be a giant in the MP3 and MP4 industries. After so many years, this product must have its uniqueness. I would say nothing and immediately placed an order after it was released.
I have to say that this headset is really good-looking, the box is very small and very suitable for carrying around. Of course, the focus is on the headset. Its overall shape is very smooth, and it will not look awkward when worn on the ear. Coupled with the clever arc transition at the bottom of the headset, it doesn’t look like a wired headset has its wires cut.
Of course, the biggest difference between OPPO Enco Free and semi-in-ear headphones like AirPods is that it has two wearing methods, divided into semi-in-ear and shallow-in-ear, and provides three sizes of ear caps. And because of the protection of soft liquid silicone, this is also a good choice for users who like in-ear headphones.
So, how is this headset different from AirPods in use? The first thing to say is the delay that I can barely feel after wearing it. With Reno 3 Pro, OPPO true wireless headphones achieve 120ms low latency, which undoubtedly surprised me.
Because AirPods can only achieve a delay of 140ms. Although it usually has little effect on listening to songs, in a game such as “Peace Elite” that requires high accuracy, this slight gap may be the enemy going up and down the stairs. Time, so obviously the delay needs to be as low as possible.
For many AirPods users, another upgrade of OPPO Enco Free is to make Apple “heart-struck”, that is, gesture interaction is more versatile, in addition to the basic tap on the headset to answer and hang up the phone, or to play music, OPPO true wireless headphones can also slide to adjust the volume, which is more convenient.
It is worth mentioning that AirPods currently only supports the wake-up of Siri, but OPPO Enco Free is compatible with other Android brand voice assistants except for Brepo’s smart assistant Breeno, so it will not have much impact on most mobile phones…
As for sound quality and endurance, OPPO Enco Free also performs quite well. Because it uses the current industry-leading ultra-dynamic speakers, it can fully restore the details and dynamic range of multiple components, which is enough to bring users professional sound performance. In terms of battery life, it can also listen to music for 5 hours from a full blood state. If you add a charging case, it can reach 25 hours, which is full of strength.
From this point of view, the strength of OPPO Enco Free can really be described as “born for smartphones”, coupled with its support for Android system, it is a pretty good choice for non-Apple users. What’s more, such a wireless headset can be bought for the price of 699 yuan. Compared to AirPods, which costs as high as 1,246 yuan, Apple users are inevitably also excited. At present, they can enjoy a discount of 30 yuan. Don’t miss it.

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