What do you need to pay attention to when buying a second-hand iPhone?

What do you need to pay attention to when buying a second-hand iPhone? Here we say some considerations when buying a second-hand iPhone, be sure to watch it before you buy it!
For consumers with insufficient funds on hand, the second-hand iPhone is a very cost-effective choice, compared to the brand-new Apple phone, it is not only cheaper, but also very cool to use, but this has a premise, you buy the right second-hand iPhone, otherwise people are pited do not cry Oh.
1, first of all to query the serial number of the mobile phone, whether it is water or cargo iPhone serial number can be found, if not, it is possible to be a refurbished machine or cottage machine.
2, to check whether the camera can use, the volume of the speaker, the size of the call sound to be tested.
3, second-hand iPhone Wi-Fi also need to be well checked, to have a wireless network to check the Wi-Fi can be used normally.
4, the battery’s battery also want to measure, if the phone is the best percentage of power, if not open, into the phone settings will be the percentage of power open, see how much electricity after the test, under normal circumstances, an hour of power drop 10% or so is normal, too much may be the battery problem.
5, there is to log off the current user’s Apple ID, if not logged out of the need to log in account password can not be used.
6, suggested that the purchase of second-hand mobile phone is not the purchase of refurbished machine, pay attention to the difference between the two, if it is Apple’s official refurbishment machine is better, if it is a third-party black workshop refurbished machine is miserable, should pay special attention to.
7, as for the second-hand iPhone what version is good, in fact, the performance is similar, but the line version has a warranty, water can not be warranty, so it is recommended to buy line products.
8, if you do not know much about second-hand Apple mobile phones, it is recommended to look at the regular business and some forums of popular science posts, from the above to learn more about this knowledge, do not know anything to go to the second-hand market transactions. In addition, buying a second-hand iPhone should also be aware of the problem of locked and unlocked versions, which are only available for the SIM card specified by their phone carrier. If you want to use a different phone company’s SIM card, you’ll have to crack the lock on your iPhone.
The unlockless version of the iPhone is a SIM card that any carrier can put into use. The above is the second-hand iPhone when you need to know some notes, if you do not know what to pay attention to buy a second-hand iPhone, let’s take a look at what said above, of course, the most important thing is that you have to have a pair of hot eyes, do not easily be fooled by the merchant’s fancy words. In addition, small cheap mo greed.If you want to buy  cheap used iPhones, you can choose a second-hand sales platform, energyitshop.com is a professional global sales of Apple mobile phone platform!

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