Samsung Galaxy S11 real machine photos first exposed

I just revealed that the i-Bin universe on Weibo exposed a real photo of a suspected Samsung Galaxy S11 on Weibo. The photo is very blurry, and the mobile phone in the picture is suspected to have a protective case, but the layout of the rear camera of the machine can be generally recognized, Consistent with the previously exposed renderings.
In addition, being Universe also previously said that the Samsung Galaxy S11 + uses a 1 / 1.3-inch 108MP Samsung exclusive custom sensor, which is superior in quality to ISOCELL Bright HMX and has a high cost.
It is worth mentioning that previously, XDA editor Max Weinbach drew a rendering of the Samsung Galaxy S11 + mobile phone camera. The rendering shows that the Samsung Galaxy S11 + camera module has a total of 8 holes.
According to previous reports, the Samsung Galaxy S11 series will have a huge improvement in the camera, and foreign media have confirmed that the machine will support 8K video recording.

Guo Mingzhang: Apple releases SE2 large screen  version in the coming year, and will also remove the lightning interface

In addition to giving information about the release of a new iPhone next year, Guo Mingquan, an analyst at Tianfeng International Securities, also talked about the changes in the next iPhone, especially the successor model of the iPhone SE2.
In this report, Guo Mingyu said that Apple will release the iPhone SE2 Plus in the first half of 2021, with an expected screen size of 5.5 or 6.1 inches, a full-screen design, and a smaller fringe area because it does not support Face ID. The ID will be integrated with the side power button.
For the new iPhone released in the first half of 2020, Guo Mingyi said that the iPhone is called iPhone SE2, has a screen size of 4.7 inches, uses an LCD screen, and has the same appearance as the iPhone 8.
In addition, Apple may remove the Lightning connector from the high-profile iPhone models introduced in 2021, meaning that these devices will require wireless charging.
Mingming Guo wrote that the removal of the Lightning connector, combined with other distinctive updates, will increase the shipments and average selling price of high-end iPhone models. He said that without the connector, the high-end iPhone will provide a “complete wireless experience.”
Apple has started to use USB-C connectors in some products. The new iPhone supports Apple’s fast charger, which promises to provide up to 50% charge in 30 minutes. This charger uses a USB-C port and requires iPhone users to purchase a specific cable from the lightning connector to the USB-C port. used iPhone 6s plus

Apple bearish warning: iPhone churn rate rises from 5% to 9%

December 4 The Maxim Group noted that Apple is facing a decline in iPhone product retention rates, saying that a survey it conducted gave the agency “increased confidence” in selling ratings.
Analyst Nehal Chokshi wrote in a report to customers that “the survey data shows that the number of iPhone users churn is rising, which is worrying.” From the installed user base, the churn rate has increased from 5% to 9%; this indicates 9% Off iPhone users plan to abandon Apple products.
Chokshi wrote that the inflow rate is 7%, which is lower than the 13% obtained in the 2017 survey.
Chokshi confirms the company’s target price of $ 190; Apple closed at $ 259.45 on Tuesday. Apple has risen nearly 50% since its June low.
The data shows that Apple has 27 buys, 14 hold and 7 sell ratings, with an average target price of $ 259. used iPhone 6s plus

Apple makes new documentary: focusing on misconduct in the music industry

According to the “Hollywood Report”, Apple has started to shoot a new documentary hosted by Oprah Winfrey and created by Oscar-nominated producer Kirby DickAmy Ziering. The title of the film has not yet been determined. However, it is understood that the film will explore misconduct in the music industry.
Previously, Dick and Ziering have authored several other documentaries, including The Hunting Ground, which discloses sexual harassment on campus, and The Bleeding Edge, which tells the story behind the medical device industry.
It is reported that this documentary is expected to be launched next year. In addition to his role as host, Oprah is an executive producer of the film. used iPhone 6s plus

It is rumored that Apple will launch four iPhones next year and two iPhone conferences next year

December 3 Analysts at JPMorgan Chase recently said that Apple will release four new iPhone models in the fall of 2020, all of which support 5G connectivity. And the iPhone’s spread cycle in the coming year will also change, four phones will be released in the first half of the year.
This news comes from Samik Chatterjee, an analyst at JP Morgan Chase. He believes that Apple will release a 5.4-inch iPhone, two 6.1-inch iPhones and a 6.7-inch iPhone.
Chatterjee’s predictions are generally in line with current rumors, but they are also slightly different. Prior to this, there were also reports that Apple will expand the screen size choices of the iPhone in 2020, and will launch smaller models than the current one. Launch of larger models. This is an expansion of the existing iPhone lineup.
Chatterjee believes that the entire iPhone series is expected to use OLED displays and 5G technology next year, but the configuration will be clearly distinguished: we expect two high-end models (one 6.1-inch and one 6.7-inch) to include millimeter wave support, a triple camera system and 3D lenses, while lower-end models (one 6.1-inch and one 5.4-inch) will only support the slower Sub-6GHz 5G standard, dual cameras, and no 3D lenses.
Compared with Sub-6GHz, the millimeter wave 5G technology has a larger bandwidth and a faster theoretical speed, but due to its small coverage, it may be limited to major cities and densely populated urban areas, and rural and suburban areas under network conditions. The 5G network in the region will use the slower Sub-6GHz technology. At present, the US operator T-Mobile is launching such a network.
There are rumors that Apple will use Qualcomm’s X55 modems in all of its 2020 iPhones. Although these modems support millimeter wave and Sub-6GHz, the former requires additional antenna design to support them. So Chatterjee’s analysis makes sense.
In addition, Chatterjee believes that starting in 2021, Apple will change the release cycle of the iPhone. Two new iPhones were released in the first half, and two more were released in the second half. Compared to the situation where there is only a September press conference a year now, twice a year will effectively make your product compete with flagship Android phones every month. At the same time, the cycle of adjusting the product direction will be shortened, and the market response will be quickly responded to.
At present, Sina Digital also knows from people in the industry chain that there will be many iPhones next year, but the numbers we know are 4-5. Whether it will be released in spring or not. However, it is relatively certain that the spring conference that has not received much attention in the past will be improved next year. From a previous marginal role to a relatively important supporting role-although, Apple’s main event is still in September. used iphone 6s plus for sale

Apple reminds developers not to accept App updates and releases from December 23 to 27

Apple today reminds iOS App developers that from Monday, December 23 to Friday, December 27, Apple App Store Connect will not accept new applications and app updates.
Official notification text:
The busiest season of the year in the App Store is coming. Make sure your app is up to date and ready for the holidays. New apps and app updates will not be accepted from December 23 to 27 (Pacific Time), so please schedule and submit the content you want to publish in advance to allow time for the approval process. App Store Connect and other features of the developer account will not be affected. used iPhone xs Max
It is reported that this short shutdown of App Store Connect will occur every holiday season. Other App Store Connect features will still be available

Apple patents car sideview mirror again, no blind spots for smart cars

According to foreign media reports, Apple is developing a patent entitled “System for Improving the Function of Side View Mirrors in Cars”, which can project an image of the area around the car’s blind spot onto the car’s windows, windshield or other displays . It is reported that this technology may also involve facial recognition technology.
In its patent background, Apple states that vehicles often include side-view mirrors to enhance the driver’s field of vision. These side-view mirrors complement the field of view by allowing the driver to observe the environment including the side and rear of the vehicle.
Previous reports have highlighted Apple’s interest in making smart cars. In April this year, the tech giant was said to be in talks with a company that develops sensor technology for autonomous vehicles. Apple’s self-driving car project, Project Titan, employs Google’s automotive team and former employees of Tesla.
Apple issued a statement in January this year, saying: “We have a personally talented team at Apple dedicated to the development of autonomous systems and related technologies. We still believe that there are huge opportunities for autonomous systems and that Apple has unique capabilities to contribute to it. , This is the most ambitious machine learning project ever. ”
Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted in a memo that Apple Cars could be launched in 2023. The self-driving car industry is growing rapidly. The 2018 HTF Market Intelligence Report predicts that the global self-driving car market may expand at a compound annual growth rate of 36%, and that by 2023, global revenue will exceed $ 173 billion.
Apple’s smart cars may come at a time when major players such as Tesla and Uber are stepping up their self-driving efforts. Tesla, which has self-driving capabilities in existing cars, promises to launch fully-autonomous vehicles as early as this year. Uber also acknowledges that it is developing an autonomous driving system that can use sensors to observe 360 ​​degrees around the car.used iPhone 6s plus

Redmi K30 series coming soon: dual-mode 5G blessing

On November 28, Lu Weibing, vice president of Xiaomi Group and general manager of the Redmi brand, revealed a PPT that appeared at the K20 series conference: Lu Weibing was wearing a boxing suit. There are also four keywords “K.O. yourself” on PPT.
Some netizens leave a message, Redmi K30 series, true flagship, dare KO.
It is reported that the K30 series will be released on December 10 and support SA and NSA dual-mode 5G, which is the first dual-mode 5G mobile phone of the Xiaomi series.
Not only that, the Redmi K30 uses a digging screen solution, and it has a front dual-hole design. This is the first digging screen mobile phone in the Xiaomi series.
On the core configuration, it is reported that the K20 is equipped with Qualcomm dual-mode 5G SOC, and the K20 Pro is equipped with MediaTek ’s flagship 5G SOC Teana 1000 (the authenticity is yet to be confirmed).
Earlier, Lu Weibing confirmed that Redmi will use MediaTek Teana 1000 SOC, so it is not possible to rule out the possibility of K30 Pro launch.
Lu Weibing emphasized that Redmi is positioned as a “5G pioneer” in 2020. Pioneer means that Redmi will be the first to adopt the latest 5G technology, the most radical product definition and the fastest release rhythm, so that more users can enjoy the beautiful life brought by 5G.Friendly recommendation:used iPhones,used iPhone 7,used iPhone xs max

Intel’s wafer foundry is not talking about Spreadtrum 14nm chips sampled this month

Intel has the most advanced semiconductor technology on the planet. It has mass production more than two years ahead of other manufacturers in FinFET technology. Although 14nm FinFET technology has encountered difficult production, it is still earlier than TSMC and Samsung, and Intel’s technology level is the best. The gate pitch is a true 14nm level, and the other two are moist. From the beginning of the transformation in the first half of the year, Intel has also taken wafer generation as a breakthrough point, and has drawn to LG Electronics. Now another customer has confirmed that China’s Spreadtrum company will also use Intel’s 14nm process foundry. The relevant chips will be available as soon as October. Can be sampled.
Intel’s strength in wafer manufacturing is unquestionable. Previously, it also had sporadic foundry cooperation, but there were not many customers, mainly FPGA companies like Altera. As a result, Intel also acquired its own customers. Spreadtrum is not an outsider for Intel either. Spreadtrum and another Rideco company were acquired by Ziguang. Later, Ziguang Zhanrui was established, and Intle invested $ 1.5 billion in Zhanrui, accounting for 20%. In other words, Intel is now one of the major shareholders of Spreadtrum.
Intel spent so much money to invest in stocks is naturally not bad. In addition to planning the Chinese market, it is estimated that foundry cooperation is also one of the contents of the previous negotiations. Spreadtrum CEO Li Liyou stated last year that Intel 14nm process foundry chips will be used in 2016. Now Digitimes broke the news that chips based on Intel 14nm process can be sampled as soon as October, and progress is still very fast.
The news pointed out that Spreadtrum’s 14nm chip will attract Samsung’s order, and it is expected that the relevant Samsung mid-range mobile phone will be available in 2017. ——Don’t be surprised to see here. Samsung has been a VIP customer of Spreadtrum Company for a long time. Although we rarely see smartphones based on Spreadtrum chips (but there are quite a lot of Spreadtrum basebands), in 3G chips and overseas markets, Samsung Many mobile phones do use Spreadtrum chips.
According to the statistics of June this year, Spreadtrum + Redico’s share in the global mobile phone chip market reached 25.4%, which exceeded MediaTek’s 24.7%.
On the other hand, cooperating with Intel does not mean that Spreadtrum will give up TSMC, they will still use the latter’s 16nm and 28nm processes. Among them, Spreadtrum SC9860 is the first mobile phone chip using TSMC’s 16nm FFC process. The competitor is MediaTek P20. It is expected that It will be available by the end of this year.
The joining of Spreadtrum is a good start for Intel’s foundry business. When Intel announced the expansion of its foundry business, one of the customers we knew was LG Electronics. In 14nm and future 10nm process foundry, LG will be Intel An important partner in foundry business, but LG has developed ARM chips for a long time, and has not made any movement, far worse than Samsung Exynos processor.
According to the original text, Intel now has about 2,000 employees serving customers in China, South Korea, Japan, and other Asian regions, and a team in Shanghai dedicated to serving Chinese customers.used iPhone 6s plus

Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader 2015 are about to lose technical support

Recently, Adobe has been moving frequently. A few days ago, relevant news showed that Adobe officially released a statement saying that it would cancel technical support for Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader 2015 on April 7, 2020. As soon as this news came out, some Adobe users were worried.
It is understood that the implementation of this measure will mean that Adobe will completely revoke the technical support for the above two applications and derivative versions, including program updates and security updates. In other words, after April 7, 2020, Adobe will no longer issue security patches for Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader 2015, and all risks that may be involved in the use will be borne by the user himself.
A large number of users have stated that Adobe’s withdrawal of technical support measures will cause them to lose security during the use of Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader 2015. Adobe officials also responded to this, saying that users do not need to worry too much about this. Before the final deadline, they will also provide upgrade options for these two applications. Users can upgrade the original application to Adobeacrobat DC according to the relevant steps. And Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. At the same time, Adobe also pointed out that the upgraded version will be easier to use and more secure.