Ivanka shares pictures, first exposed new Mac Pro box

Ivanka Trump is the daughter of Trump, the US president. She and President Donald Trump and Apple CEO Tim Cook “visited” Apple’s Mac Pro foundry in Austin, Texas.

Ivanka then shared the photos on her own Instagram, and we can see the new Mac Pro just packaged, which also makes the Mac Pro box first exposed. At the same time, Ivanka also wrote: “The new Apple Mac Pro! proudly made in the United States.”
Although a lot of Mac Pro HD pictures have been provided on Apple’s official website, this is the first time a box photo has appeared.https://www.energyitshop.com

Why is the iOS system good? What’s good?

Easy to use and smooth experience? All say iOS is good, but that’s not the biggest advantage of iOS, and the biggest advantage of iOS is actually security.
Every iteration of the iOS version is updated, apple will further enhance the security of the iOS system to better protect privacy, in addition to the new features. Although there is no absolutely secure software in the world, Apple is definitely the most important to the privacy of users and the best technology company to do so far.
“Privacy is a fundamental right of everyone and a core of Apple,” Apple said. What can be shared and with whom it is up to you to decide? We design Apple products with the idea of protecting your privacy and giving you full control over your information. It’s not easy, but we believe it’s true innovation. 」
In the iOS 13 system, Apple’s privacy upgrades are primarily targeted at location services, through Apple logins and new find apps.
Location Services
On iOS 13 systems, when an app wants to get the user’s location information, the system pops a window alert and gives the user more choice, giving the user the option to “allow it only once”, which is useful for apps that only use it once or twice.
In addition, the system also occasionally through the pop-up window to remind the user which apps are frequently using location information, the user can be at any time according to their own circumstances in the settings to change the app’s positioning rights.
Sign in with Apple
“Sign in through Apple” is a new feature of the iOS 13 system that allows users to sign in to the app using their Apple ID.
This feature is somewhat like “login with WeChat” or “login with QQ” in a third-party sign-in, but “login through Apple” adds a number of security mechanisms to protect user privacy.
The entire verification process for “Sign in via Apple” is maintained locally, neither Apple nor a third party will obtain the user’s verification information, nor will the developer obtain the user’s real Apple ID, which Apple will hide and generate a virtual Apple ID.
At the same time, the system randomly generates a mail address, the developer can not get the real mail address of the associated user, the user can also turn off the app’s mail forwarding function at any time.http://www.energycomputernews.com/
“Login through Apple” is just a login credential, its role is only used to log in to the app account, the user’s real information is anonymous, the app developer can not track the user’s personal information.
Apple merges Find My iPhone and Find My Friends on iOS 13 for the new Find app, which can help you find your device even if it’s offline.
According to Apple’s official website, the new Find app can help you find a lost device by sending a Bluetooth signal, even if it’s offline.
Bluetooth signals can be detected by Apple devices of other users who are in use nearby, and they relay the detected device locations to iCloud so you can find your device in the Find app.
All of this device information is encrypted with end-to-end anonymity, and no one, including Apple, knows the identity of any reported device.
In the age of the mobile Internet, it has become very difficult to protect user privacy, but that’s why technology companies that choose to meet the challenge are more positive.

CIRP reports stagnant growth of U.S. iPhone users

Apple’s iPhone user base is growing at a slower pace in the U.S., and a decline in iPhone user ownership and the number of Android users moving into the iPhone camp is believed to be the main reason, according to a questionable derivative analysis by consumer intelligence research partners (CIRP), according to foreign media reports.

Apple’s latest financial results, released on Wednesday, showed total revenue for the quarter was $64 billion, with the iPhone generating $33.36 billion, down 9 percent from a year earlier. But for Apple, a small drop in iPhone revenue could be offset by other areas, such as growth in services, wearables and iPads.

In ciRP’s report, Apple’s continued growth in u.S. iPhone sales is slowly stagnating, with consecutive quarters of sales growth negligible compared with last year. Apple’s install-base in the U.S. is estimated to have reached 204 million units in the September quarter.

Apple installed the iPhone in the U.S. at the lowest level in six years,” said Josh Lowitz, a partner and co-founder of CIRP. Quarterly and annual growth has slowed to the lowest level since we started tracking iPhone sales in 2012. ”

CiRP believes this is happening for a number of reasons, including fewer first-time smartphone buyers and fewer Android users switching to iPhones. In addition, CIRP added: “However, the trend of extending the use of older phones protects the size of the installation base.” “The continued activity of the old iPhone prevented users from switching from iOS to Android — even though the number of switchovers on both directions was declining. ”

But ciRP’s analysis has some problems: its figure of $204 million is based on an estimated global sales of 43 million, which is based on apple’s average sales price of $783 and the data it publishes. For now, Apple is no longer providing specific data on its iPhone sales, forcing analysts to base on government data to make base-based guesses or get more information from other third parties.

In addition, CIRP provides analysis of different devices that Apple classifies as other products, including AirPods, Apple Watch, Apple TV, HomePod, Beats headset, Beats wireless headset, Beats speakers and protective cases.

Apple TV continues to lead the company with nearly 25 percent of its user ownership, followed by the Apple Watch — with about 20 percent, HomePod and AirPods — with between 5 percent and 10 percent. While most of the products on the list have the same ownership as they were in September 2018, Apple TV’s ownership rate has increased and HomePod stakes seem to exceed that of the protective case and Beats devices.If you want to buy used iPhone 6s plus, you can choose a second-hand sales platform, energyitshop.com is a professional global sales of Apple mobile phone platform!

Apple has now closed the iOS 13.2 downgrade channel

Last week, apple released iOS 13.2.2, which fixes a number of bugs, including issues that cause unexpected exits of background apps. A week later, today, the iOS 13.2 code signature stopped, and users who have upgraded will no longer be able to download iOS 13.2 from apple’s servers.

IOS 13.2.2 includes bug fixes and improvements for iPhone:
Fixed problems that may cause unexpected exit of App running in the background;
Fixed an issue where the iPhone could temporarily lose cellular service after a call;
Solve the problem that cellular data may be temporarily unavailable;
Fixed an issue that made S/MIME encrypted E-mail responses between Exchange accounts unreadable;
Resolved a problem that might prompt authentication when using Kerberos single sign-on service in Safari browser;
Solve the problem that YubiKey accessories powered by the lightning interface may have a charging interruption;
Apple shut down the iOS 13.2 downgrade in time because there were too many system problems with the official version, as well as a known “checkm8” bug that made jailbreaking possible for iPhones, including the iPhone X.
Earlier this week, apple just released the second beta of iOS 13.3 with some minor tweaks and fixes, most notably support for NFC, USB, and Lightning security keys in Safari.

Apple Watch may have an under-screen fingerprint

The fingerprint feature is now supported on thousands of Android devices, but it’s still not available on any Apple devices.
Now, a new patent from Apple suggests that the company is also working on under-screen fingerprinting and that the feature could be on the Apple Watch before the iPhone.

According to PatentlyApple, the Apple patent was filed in the second quarter of 2018 and was recently released in connection with the Apple Watch. The patent describes embedding an antenna in the strap, but says the watch’s display could include “one or more input devices, such as touch sensors, temperature sensors or fingerprint sensors.”
Currently, Apple Watch relies on matching and proximity to the iPhone for authentication, but this is not ideal, and a complex system like Face ID is obviously not suitable for Apple Watch, so the off-screen fingerprint may be a more appropriate solution.
As for the antenna in the strap, Apple points out that the antenna needs some special functions, such as the ability to stretch, bend and bend, while maintaining comfort.

Cook on personal life: no regrets about coming out

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently sat down with People magazine to discuss apple’s diversity, his personal life and his decision to publicly announce his sexual orientation.
In 2014, Cook wrote a letter to Bloomberg Businessweek acknowledging he was gay. He wanted to give comfort to those who felt lonely and “encourage people to hold on to their equality”.
Cook said this time he did not regret the decision. “I don’t regret a minute of it, not at all,” he said. He explained that he often received letters from young people who were troubled by their sexual orientation and wanted to do something about it. It took him a year to get it right and pick the right moment to announce it.
Cook said he was not personally intimidated by the announcement. But he worries about the world outside apple. “I mean, there are still about half of the states where you could be fired for being gay.”
Apple has a “history of openness and diversity,” so he wouldn’t be uncomfortable announcing it. According to cook, being gay instead gave him “a much higher than average level of empathy.”
Cook also highlighted diversity and apple’s recent brief in support of the DACA program. “We know that diversity helps us to develop better products. We know that the best products are developed by the most diverse teams because the products are created for everyone.”https://www.energyitshop.com

Apple is spending $2.5 billion to address California’s housing shortage

Apple has announced a $2.5 billion plan not only to address California’s housing shortage, but also to ease rising costs for renters and home buyers. Apple says the departure of community members such as teachers and first responders has fueled a desire for help. Between April and June this year alone, 30,000 people were forced out of San Francisco, and the bay area homeownership rate is at its lowest in seven years, the company said.
“Before the world knew the name silicon valley, apple called this area home. We feel a deep civic responsibility to ensure that it remains a vibrant place where people can live, have families and contribute to the community, “said Tim Cook, apple’s chief executive. “Affordable housing means stability and dignity, opportunity and pride. When these things get too complicated, life is unsustainable and apple is committed to being part of the solution.”
Of the $2.5 billion, $1 billion will go directly to the housing investment fund and $1 billion to the mortgage assistance fund for first-time home purchases.
Apple plans to develop new affordable housing on its $300 million land in SAN Jose, California. To support the disadvantaged, Apple will also donate $50 million to existing organizations to address homelessness.
“We have close cooperation with leading experts, has a plan to deal with all aspects of the challenge, thus increasing people urgently demand of housing supply, support for first-time buyers and young families and other people in the biggest risk”, the company environment, policy and social programs, vice President of Lisa Jackson (Lisa Jackson) said; “Apple’s commitment to being a good neighbor and helping write the next chapter in the region is home to generational innovation and creativity.”
In a public-private partnership, Apple is launching a new $150 million affordable housing fund with partners including the silicon valley housing trust to support new affordable housing projects. The fund will include long-term forgivable loans and grants.
Governor Gavin of California? Gavin Newsom, chief executive of Gavin Newsom, said: “apple’s unparalleled financial commitment to affordable housing and the innovative strategy at the heart of the plan is proof that Apple is taking this issue seriously and I hope others will follow suit.” “For homeowners and renters, the high cost of housing is the number one quality of life for millions of families in the state, and that can only be addressed by building more homes.”
Apple also said it would “continue to look for ways to support communities and affordable housing.”https://www.energyitshop.com

If you want to change the battery of the iPhone, is it better to choose the third-party large-capacity battery or the original battery?

To be honest, if apple’s original battery weren’t expensive, many people would go for it anyway. Unfortunately, Apple is a “walking profit harvester”, and accessories are an important source of profit. In addition to the screen, which is an expensive accessory, Apple has made a lot of money from aging batteries.
Image provided: cloud vision
The new iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR batteries cost 529 yuan on apple’s website. The battery of the previous phones affected by the “down frequency gate” was 214 yuan — just a price for a special period, but it will be 369 yuan after this year. Other iPhone batteries cost as much as 601 yuan to replace!
As for the price of the iPhone’s third-party battery, it’s much more affordable. On Taobao, prices of various third-party batteries for iPhones range from tens to hundreds of yuan.
The huge difference in price makes many people hesitate to exchange batteries for iPhones — and Apple fans aren’t all that rich. They didn’t know whether to trust apple’s official battery or opt for a third-party one. If not bad money, then certainly can not hesitate to choose apple’s official battery. After all, the quality of the official battery is guaranteed, and if there is a problem, you can directly go to apple for after-sales responsibility. But the price of 500 multivariate changes a battery, still can let the average person “flesh aches” — can buy the homebred mobile phone that is similar fast!
In fact, third-party batteries are a good choice. After all, the production threshold of batteries is not high, and many enterprises can make high-quality batteries — unlike the screen and CPU, which are monopolized by Samsung and other core technologies. Pinsheng, scud, etc., are well-known battery manufacturers, and there is no need to worry about the quality of the third-party batteries they make for iPhone. It is said that the original battery was probably responsible for the iPhone’s automatic shutdown at low temperatures. Many people have solved this problem after replacing the battery with a third party.
If you’re looking for a third-party battery, you’re advised to buy a larger capacity, one that’s larger than apple’s official battery. High-capacity batteries cost a few dozen bucks less than the regular version, but they add more capacity and extend the life of the iPhone, which is very important.
So, if your iPhone battery is aging, opt for a third-party, high-capacity battery. Why not continue to enjoy using the new iPhone and eat a big meal with the money you’ve saved?Friendly recommendation:used iPhones,used iPhone 7,used iPhone xs max

There are three main reasons why iPhone prices will rise in 2020

Apple started the trend with the $999 premium flagship device with the iPhone X. With the release of the iPhone XS Max, the price went up to $1,099. According to recent days, the wind international Guo Ming Qi creates a report, 2020 iPhone price may also be

There are three main factors that will affect the price of the iPhone in 2020:
New materials for metal frames involve complex processing.
Qualcomm modems support 5G.
The new camera upgrade includes a 3D ToF sensor on the back.
Today, the Nikkei Asian Review reported that Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 5G modem will be available on iPhone in 2020 with 5G support. It will also use TSMC’s 5nm A14 processor.
Last week, another report confirmed that the iPhone will support 5G in 2020. Apple is redesigning the antenna line for the 2020 iPhone. The antenna line will be widened (> 1mm) and apple will use other materials (glass, ceramic or sapphire) instead of plastic. Apple is exploring different designs to reduce the size of the cut. Some designs are smaller in width, while others are narrower to fit the top border.If you want to buy used iPhones, there are used iPhone 6s, used iPhone 7, used iPhone xs Max on sale in energyitshop!

What to look out for when buying a used iphone?

1, first to check the phone serial number, whether gray goods or goods iPhone serial number can be found, if not found, there may be a refurbished machine or shanzhai machine.
Check to see if the camera is working, the volume of the speakers, and the volume of the calls.
3. Check the wi-fi of second-hand iPhone. Go to the place with wireless network to check whether the wi-fi can work properly.
4, the battery power should also be measured, if the phone is on the percentage of power, it is best, if not open, enter the phone Settings to turn on the percentage of power, to see how much power after the test, under normal circumstances, an hour of power loss of about 10% is normal, too much may be a problem with the battery.
5. You also need to log out the Apple ID of the current user. If you do not log out, you will not be able to use it when you need the login account password.
6, a point of advice, the purchase of second-hand mobile phone is not to buy refurbished machine, to pay attention to the difference between the two, if it is apple’s official refurbished machine is better, if it is a third party black workshop refurbished machine is miserable, should pay special attention to it.
7, as for the second-hand version of the iPhone, in fact, the performance is about the same, but the version of the same warranty, gray goods can not guarantee, so it is still recommended to buy goods products.
8, if you do not know much about the second-hand apple phone, it is recommended to look at the formal business and some BBS science posts, from the above to understand some of the knowledge of this aspect, do not know what to go to the second-hand market. In addition, buying a used iPhone should also pay attention to the problem of locked version and unlocked version, the locked version of the iPhone can only use the SIM card specified by the phone operator. If you want to use a SIM card from another phone company, you have to unlock the iPhone. An unlocked iPhone is a SIM card that can be used from any carrier.If you want to buy used iPhones, you can choose a second-hand sales platform, energyitshop.com is a professional global sales of Apple mobile phone platform!