Protect your phone—tech21 anti-fall phone case experience sharing

The mobile phone case has become a standard accessory for most mobile phone users, on the one hand, it can protect the mobile phone to a certain extent, and on the other hand, it can show personality. In fact, many mobile phone cases can only do one of the aspects, and at the same time, they are less protective and look good. This time I got the smokey transparent version of the tech21 anti-fall phone case iPhone XR. Let’s take a look at how this phone case performs?
The packaging box of the tech21 anti-fall mobile phone case is relatively simple. The color of the packaging and the phone case have a gradual transition, let alone a bit of design. Tech21, as a well-known brand, makes innovative technology products, and also has products on Apple’s official website. This shows that the technology is excellent.
The smoky transparent version of iPhone XR is similar to our common black, and it still looks quite a color matching, and the body with many colors does not violate the sense.
The bottom of the protective case is protected by a protrusion, and a large precision opening is also used, which will not affect the charging and the use of the speaker. A certain degree of protrusion can protect the mobile phone from less damage when it is dropped. Tech21 has a certain amount of technology accumulation in this regard.
The mobile phone case has a certain buffer protection design, of course, it will be slightly thicker, after all, anti-fall is the biggest highlight. The material is silicone, and a circle of protection is added to the camera area to prevent damage from daily use.
The craftsmanship of the power button and the volume button are quite good. The click feedback is moderate, not too soft or crisp. The hole is opened larger, it may be to make a certain buffer when falling, and it will not affect the use.
The phone case also has “tech21” on it, which will not be too noticeable. It is just as beautiful as the color on the side of the phone case. This should not be a reason not to buy this phone case, of course, you must have a personality to choose other colorful colors.
The transparency of the phone case is not high, it is a relatively dark type, and it is a bit compatible with Dark Mode. However, it will be more oily for a long time. This type of mobile phone case is almost unavoidable, and you must wipe it often.
The iPhone XR’s case is quite good. The case is thicker and the body is larger. Tempered glass film is affixed on the front, the phone case is slightly higher than the film, the package is very good, and the protection is really good. However, this has almost no feel at all, and it should be quite difficult to use a thin and light mobile phone case.
The opening in the camera area looks really large, and there is a circle of protrusions around it, except that it is not beautiful, it feels no problem.
The middle frame of the mobile phone is the most vulnerable part except the screen. The tech21 anti-fall mobile phone case uses the inner village buffer and thickened design to better protect the middle frame, which is why the mobile phone case feels thick.
The opening at the bottom of the mobile phone case is so large. It should be to better put the case into the mobile phone, and the degree of protection is sufficient. I feel that this place is really unsightly, and of course it is rarely seen.
In general, the protection level of the tech21 anti-fall mobile phone case is top-level, but the aesthetics and personality are still lacking. Long-term use of the tech21 anti-fall phone case will be very oily, and you will see everything that is dirty. I wonder if you will give up the beautiful feel and choose a protective mobile phone case? Tell me your favorite phone case in the comments. used iPhone xs max

What to look out for when buying a used iphone?

1, first to check the phone serial number, whether gray goods or goods iPhone serial number can be found, if not found, there may be a refurbished machine or shanzhai machine.
Check to see if the camera is working, the volume of the speakers, and the volume of the calls.
3. Check the wi-fi of second-hand iPhone. Go to the place with wireless network to check whether the wi-fi can work properly.
4, the battery power should also be measured, if the phone is on the percentage of power, it is best, if not open, enter the phone Settings to turn on the percentage of power, to see how much power after the test, under normal circumstances, an hour of power loss of about 10% is normal, too much may be a problem with the battery.
5. You also need to log out the Apple ID of the current user. If you do not log out, you will not be able to use it when you need the login account password.
6, a point of advice, the purchase of second-hand mobile phone is not to buy refurbished machine, to pay attention to the difference between the two, if it is apple’s official refurbished machine is better, if it is a third party black workshop refurbished machine is miserable, should pay special attention to it.
7, as for the second-hand version of the iPhone, in fact, the performance is about the same, but the version of the same warranty, gray goods can not guarantee, so it is still recommended to buy goods products.
8, if you do not know much about the second-hand apple phone, it is recommended to look at the formal business and some BBS science posts, from the above to understand some of the knowledge of this aspect, do not know what to go to the second-hand market. In addition, buying a used iPhone should also pay attention to the problem of locked version and unlocked version, the locked version of the iPhone can only use the SIM card specified by the phone operator. If you want to use a SIM card from another phone company, you have to unlock the iPhone. An unlocked iPhone is a SIM card that can be used from any carrier.If you want to buy used iPhones, you can choose a second-hand sales platform, is a professional global sales of Apple mobile phone platform!